IoT Security Assessment Insights

When:  Jul 22, 2021 from 12:30 to 13:30 (ET)
Associated with  Melbourne Chapter


ISACA Melbourne Chapter - Professional Development Webinar by Matt Jones 
22nd July 2021 @ 12:30pm - 1 CPE 


IoT technology comes in a range of types - from consumer devices we have in our homes through to devices that power our utilities and infrastructure. When we see news about IoT systems being breached causing impactful outages in the world or extensive sensitive data exposures, it shows the risks possible when IoT security is not well managed. 
Why would people want to attend? 
To hear an independent perspective on IoT security that provides insights from performing a variety of IoT and embedded device security assessments. 
What will they walk away with?
- An understanding of common IoT security issues observed in the field 
- An overview on IoT threat modelling principles used during security assessments 
- An insight into how IoT security assessments happen end to end, including scoping through to handing over deliverables 
- How organisations can more efficiently manage threats related to developing IoT technologies 


Speaker:  Matt Jones 


Cofounder and Director at elttam, an independent research-driven security assessment company in Australia.  


I specialise in low-level systems secure code review, threat modelling, and data analysis. Day to day I oversee technical assessments and also serve as a principal consultant.  


My professional security experience goes back to the early 2000s, where I’ve worked in numerous roles including engineering of bespoke security systems and serving as a freelancer performing systems code review and vulnerability assessments for large organisations and blue-chip vendors.  


I also help on the CFP review board for BSides Canberra, and have previously helped with the CFP for OWASP Australia and Ruxcon.


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