Build a high-performing team that will follow you to hell and back

When:  Aug 26, 2021 from 12:30 to 13:30 (ET)
Associated with  Melbourne Chapter

By way of an antidote for “Death by PowerPoint” presentations, Adam blends the latest in research-backed academic thinking with stories from his experiences on battlefields and in boardrooms (and a few server rooms) to unpack and explore what it takes to build, sustain and lead a high-performing team.  


In particular, we’ll look at:  

· Why not all “teams” are teams – and why it matters  

· What sets a high-performing team apart from the rest  

· Building solid foundations for performance  

· How to build a high-performing team from scratch (the easy way)  

· How to transform your team into a high-performing team (the not so easy way)  

· How to avoid the minefields (or at least survive the experience)  

· Running team-building exercises that don’t suck 


SpeakerAdam O’Donnell 


When Adam O’Donnell joined the British Army’s Special Air Service (SAS), he finally felt that he’d found his tribe. On deployments and training exercises around the world he experienced the challenge, camaraderie, discipline and relentless pursuit of excellence that remain the hallmark of the Special Forces operator. His service took him from the searing heat of the Afghan desert to the freezing heights of Mt Everest and from the ugly chaos of war-torn Bosnia to the simple beauty of the jungles of southeast Asia.  


Moving into the corporate world, he soon found himself back in the fight – this time in cyberspace. In response to a breach by Foreign Intelligence Services he led a $44m cybersecurity uplift program and has helped prepare some of Australia’s best-known companies to manage major incidents effectively and whilst the challenges he faced weren’t as life-threatening, the mindset and skillset he honed in the military were just as effective building and leading high-performing teams in the corporate world. Except, that is, for drill – he never really found much use for that again.  


He believes strongly that when people feel safe to express their ideas, to ask for help and to challenge the status quo without fear, amazing things happen - innovation improves, initiative soars, engagement increases and productivity skyrockets.  


His passion is helping intrepid leaders to go be awesome and inspire their team to join them on the journey. 


Date:  Friday26 August 2021   

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