ISACA Muscat chapter  cordially invites you to the Virtual SheLeadsTech Meetup 2021 in coordination with UTAS on 29th December 2021 Wednesday @6:30PM with following theme:

"Aspire to Inspire - Connecting Dots of Generation from Generation by Encouraging, Empowering, & Educating to be Aware and Elevated to Lead”

The women working in leadership position will be invited to preside at the event followed by technical sessions

This event is aimed at educating and empowering women to get abreast herself with current trends and technologies. We are targeting young working women fresh graduates and those mothers who are struggling to keep pace with their kids to monitor them at home who are online no most of the time.

SheLeadsTech  operates as a program under One in Tech, an ISACA Foundation. One in Tech’s mission, to build a healthy digital world that is safe, secure and accessible for all, supports the work that SheLeadsTech does in the world. One In Tech: An ISACA Foundation, is committed to supporting communities around the globe through charitable programs and services. The foundation currently has three programs designed to help build diversity and equity in the digital world and strengthen the field on a global scale. These philanthropic programs — SheLeadsTech, WeLeadTech, and Young Leaders In Tech — are designed to provide support and opportunities to under-represented populations so they, too, can fully experience and contribute to the cyber field. The three programs focus on early childhood education through adult learning and career growth, creating a strong pipeline of opportunities and development for all populations.

SheLeadsTech is a women-focused program which works to increase the representation of women in technology leadership roles and the tech workforce. Powered through a vast global network of women IT professionals dedicated to supporting others, SheLeadsTech provides women with mentor-ship, leadership training, and skills training to grow and excel within that industry.

SheLeadsTech offers a multitude of opportunities for engagement in the program with people from all over the world to achieve goals of raising awareness, preparing to lead, and building global alliances.

Audience: Expected 75 to 95 attendees consisting of Muscat chapter members and other guests from SheLeadsTech group ISGs (ISACA Student Group) and other community members.

Purpose: ISACA believes it is crucial for the tech industry to solve the under-representation of women in the workforce. Our global reach of engaged professionals provides ISACA with a unique position to effect change as we address the deficit in gender diversity. The SheLeadsTech program will do this by:

Raising Awareness - We will work to educate employees, allies and engaged professionals so that we can overcome unconscious bias.

Preparing to Lead - Our training and skills development programs will prepare current and upcoming female leaders for the digital future. We do this by inviting SheLeadsTech members to chapter CPE programs which are open only for chapter members

Building Global Alliances - Through strategic partnerships, we will amplify our impact beyond the ISACA network and support our chapters as they tackle the unique challenges in their region.

This year ISACA Muscat chapter launch first Virtual SheLeadsTech  Meetup 2021 in coordination with UTAS  on 29th Dec 2021 Wednesday at 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm Muscat time.

ISACA Muscat chapter would like you all to join us to Meetup to discuss the following: 

a. Empowering women through technology to be informed, safe and gain a society position of recognition

b. What is the advantage of being Technology informed? How Technology education can help women to elevate their position in society?

c. How the power of knowledge can empower a woman and how she can use this knowledge effectively to empower people around her? And can any woman be powerful and influencer? 

d. how to successfully build a community on Social Media, while also protecting yourself from the less desirable aspects of Social Media.

e. How else can technology be leveraged to collaboratively ensure women safety?

Please Encourage Ladies around you to Become a SheLeadsTech Member by joining our WhatsApp group with following link, to stay informed and have access to members only event organized by ISACA Muscat chapter:

Please be informed that this group is only for LADIES!!

The Session will proceed with the following Agenda:


Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Technical Speaker

Technical Speaker


Prof. Zuhoor Abdullah Al-Khanjari


Dr. Zahra Rashid Said Al-Rawahi


Ms. Nada Al-Sayed Shubbar


Ms. Sehrish Mujtaba


Mr. Raj Kapoor

is a Professor of Software Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Oman is a Chief Executive Officer and a Founder of Artificial Intelligence Academy GmbH. She was a Director of Innovation Support and Innovation Capacity Building at The Research Council in Oman Portal Administration head

is a member of central steering committee of Cyber Security & Crimes by the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) in 2020 & 2021

Topic: "Cyber Parenting"

is Founder Member , The Block chain Continuum

Topic: "Views on issues on a range of topics like Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi and FinTech"

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Syeda Nooreen Nayyar
Director Programs
ISACA Muscat chapter