October PDS: Balancing Agility and Security

When:  Oct 18, 2023 from 12:00 to 13:00 (AWST)
Associated with  Perth Chapter

This event was originally scheduled for 27 September and unable to proceed at that time due to technical issues. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope that you can join Arash Arabi for this rescheduled event.

Balancing Agility and Security: How can Scrum, Agile, and DevOps help IT risk and audit by creating efficiency and transparency. 
Online with Arash Arabi, Founder and CEO, Sprint Agile

In today’s fast-changing world, creating innovative solutions means organisations need to be agile and have the capability of experimenting quickly and releasing MVPs in short iterations. However, we are also living in a world that is increasingly threatened by cyber risks.  Organisations are facing more complex cyber risk than ever as the operational, business, and technology landscapes are becoming more complex, and as cybercrime activities get more sophisticated everyday.

Given the increased risk levels that organisations face today, it is important to balance agility and quick experimentation capability with stability and security. In this short Session Arash Arabi will discuss how organisations can release MVPs quickly and easily while reducing risk and have effective risk management and audit capability.

Speaker Profile

Arash Arabi is a globally recognised agile coach, best-selling author, and Taekwondo world champion. Arash’s work on Agile has been featured on Sky News, Australian Financial Review (AFR), Yahoo Finance, and numerous other TV, print, and online media.

Arash has coached multiple high-profile organisations including ANZ, Toyota, Telstra, Infosys, and Amazon. His company Sprint Agile, uses an empirical approach to help businesses move from opinion-based decision making to evidence-based decision making.

Arash is the author of the Internationally best-selling book, The Wise Enterprise: Reshape your organisation for the age of uncertainty. For more information on his work please visit https://SprintAgile.com.au/the-book/ or https://www.linkedin.com/in/arasharabi/.

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