Hello Perth!

The ISACA Perth Chapter is proud to present our Professional Development Sessions for 2023. These sessions provide the opportunity for attendees to hear from leaders on a range of digital trust topics, including information systems audit, risk,  and governance, along with information security management and cyber best practice, and more. In addition to the locally-hosted sessions planned for this year, ISACA Oceania Region are looking to deliver content to members across the Region with industry leaders sharing their advice, experiences and lessons learned from across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea (check back for details).

Following are the sessions that are planned:

1.     Session 001: 26 April 2023
Event to be Rescheduled

2.      Session 002: 24 May 2023
Adam Mullet, "Collaboration beats compliance"

3.      Session 003: 13 June 2023

4.      Session 004: 8 August 2023

5.      Session 005: 10 October 2023

6.      Session 006: December 2023 (TBA)

Please contact us with any queries or concerns via events@isaca-perth.org.au.


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