Chapter Bylaws

Changes to Chapter By-Laws

The following are changes to our Chapter's Bylaws were unanimously approved by all in attendance at our May Luncheon in 2014.

Addition of a Volunteer position;

A Volunteer of the Chapter shall:

  • Is a NON-VOTING position
  • Report to Director-at-Large for volunteer activities and then any responsible Board member for any given task.
  • In the event a Board Member is not available, a single volunteer may be selected to attend a Board Luncheon as a non-voting guest
  • Should demonstrate an interest in how the Board operates in the interest of assuming a board position in the future
  • Receive half-priced benefit to attend luncheon events
  • Earn up to 10 ISACA CPEs during the Chapter year; commensurate with the efforts expended 
  •  Receive a token gift & recognition at Chapter year final event, the May Luncheon

Potential activities could include one or more of the following:

  • Perform ad hoc marketing (ex. help with posters, attend campus events, etc.) – expenses covered by the Chapter
  • Assist with vendor solicitation for the regularly scheduled security forum
  • Welcome new members
  • Help with sign-in sheet at events, as available
  • Perform other low-time commitment activities, as desired by the Board