February 2020 ISACA Puget Sound Chapter Meeting - ​February 18, 2020

When:  Feb 18, 2020
Associated with  Puget Sound Chapter

Big Data, AI, and Ethics: Which role to play as a professional dealing with internal controls, systems audit, and similar responsibilities?

Many traditional business problems are now able to be addressed by big data and artificial intelligence. But the vast majority of organizations are not equipped to evaluate and incorporate these solutions.

Besides efficiency and accuracy, what are the legal and ethical standards that organizations must have in mind as they consider technical solutions to old problems?

Which role should you play to ensure your organization succeeds and is not caught in ethics issues?

Come to hear from an expert at the front line of research, ask your questions, and share your experiences.

Speaker Bio:

Nathan R Colaner, PhD, MBA

Senior Instructor | Bridge MBA Director, Seattle University

Dr. Colaner's background is in philosophy and business ethics, but his professional interests have evolved to focus on the ways that technology is changing the fundamental stakeholder relationships of business.

His current research is devoted to the ethics and epistemology of artificial intelligence and how it is, and should be, incorporated into organizations. In 2014, he published a book on the transition to a modern theory of knowledge from ancient epistemology.

This research is relevant now in a new way, as we suddenly have the opportunity and obligation to consider our new epistemological transition to machine learning algorithms. What does it mean that algorithms come to "know" things? And how does such knowledge affect human well-being?

Nathan's primary teaching responsibilities at Seattle University are in applied ethics, with an emphasis in business ethics, data ethics, and machine learning ethics.

He is also a lead faculty affiliate in Seattle University's new Initiative in Ethics and Transformative Technologies, funded by Microsoft, and is a founding member of AI & Faith. In these capacities, he consults the business community, the Washington State legislature, and various religious organizations.





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