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Marc Menninger
President, ISACA Puget Sound Chapter

Here is the current list of board nominees for the 2024 - 2025 Puget Sound Chapter Board

President Marc Menninger
Vice President Kevin Murphy
Treasurer Will Serumgard
Assistant Treasurer OPEN
Secretary Satnam Purewal
Diversity & Inclusion Director Cynthia Damian
Membership Director Ivy Ho
Education Director Nicola Kalderash
Webmaster Faith Porter
Research Director / Certifications Steve Mar
Marketing / Social Media Director J. Eduardo Campos
Zoom Administrator Min Venkataraman
Academic Outreach Jack Champlain
Immediate Past President J. Eduardo Campos
Board Advisor / Volunteer April Mitchell

Submit your interest in any available opportunities, volunteering, or additional nominations by April 21, 2024. These submissions will be reviewed for consideration and voted on at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 21, 2024. Please contact president@isaca-psc.org or any board members at board@isaca-psc.org. Please indicate what role you want to learn more about so we can direct you to the appropriate resource.

On behalf of the ISACA Puget Sound Chapter (ISACA-PSC) Board of Directors, it is an honor to announce that Kyle Raychel has won the 2023-24 ISACA-PSC Cybersecurity NexusTM (CSX) $5,000 Tuition Scholarship! Congratulations Kyle.

Kyle's paper is entitled, “Safeguarding Online Platforms and Services in the Post-Pandemic Era.”

As the winner, Kyle will receive the following from ISACA-PSC:

  • $5,000 tuition scholarship upon passing the CSX Fundamentals examination.
  • Free one year ISACA student membership ($25 value).
  • Free CSX Fundamentals exam registration, online review course, online lab, and E-book ISACA Cybersecurity NexusTM (CSX) Fundamentals Certificate examination ($500 value).
  • Recognition of the achievement at the ISACA-PSC Annual General Meeting luncheon/educational meeting at the Columbia Tower Club from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM on Tuesday, May 21, 2024).

We would also like to announce the first runner-up is Hyeong Jin Lee.

Hyeong's paper is entitled, “Accountability of Bias in Artificial Intelligence for Hiring.”


Both papers were very well written and researched. For copyright purposes, ISACA-PSC does not publish the winning or runner-up research papers. Interested parties will need to reach out to each individual author to obtain a copy of their paper.

In the event the winner is unable to complete the requirements for the scholarship, the runner-up will have the opportunity to earn the $5,000 UW tuition scholarship upon fulfilling the aforementioned requirements. The runner-up also receives a free one-year ISACA student membership and the free CSX Fundamentals exam registration and study materials specified above ($500 combined value). Congratulations Hyeong!

The Challenge: All UW ISACA Student Chapter members were given the opportunity to submit a 5-7 page research paper on a cybersecurity topic of their choice to the ISACA-PSC. Papers were evaluated based upon the quality of research, quality of writing, originality of the topic, and the student’s understanding of the topic.

In closing, the ISACA-PSC Board would like to thank all the UW ISACA Student Chapter members who submitted research papers. You all have shown the willingness to go the extra mile to achieve a tremendous goal. While you may not have been chosen as the winner, you should be commended for taking a serious step toward a potential career in the cybersecurity profession.