Webinar: 1. Info Sec - Code Generation, 2. Security pitfalls of AI, solved by GenAI (2 CPE event)

When:  Mar 7, 2024 from 18:00 to 20:00 (PT)
Associated with  Silicon Valley Chapter

Topic 1: Information Security - Code Generation - Risks, Rewards, and de-risking the adoption

Brief: Leveraging AI code generation technologies offers significant advantages, yet it also poses certain risks. A key concern is the varying quality of the generated code, potentially leading to the presence of bugs or security vulnerabilities. Ensuring security is crucial, as AI-generated code may unintentionally introduce weaknesses without adhering to best practices. Additional risks include a lack of comprehension, dependence on specific tool providers, and potential license and compliance issues. Addressing ethical considerations, biases within AI models, and the complexities of maintaining the generated code further contribute to the challenges. To mitigate these risks effectively, organizations should implement comprehensive testing, conduct manual reviews, adopt diverse toolsets, and promote a clear understanding of the generated code.

Speaker Bio: Aruneesh Salhotra is  an Experienced Technologist and Servant Leader with Expertise in Cyber Security, Development, DevSecOps, Cyber Security, PMO, Infrastructure, Kubernetes, Business Continuity and Technical Sales • Demonstrating deep proficiency in cybersecurity, cloud security, and project management, with professional certifications including C-CISO, CISSP, CKA/CKAD, AWS Security Specialist, and PMP. • Serves on multiple advisory boards, including VirSec, Strategio, ICPS, Dazz and Pocket Security, providing valuable counsel and contributing to critical decisions on issues ranging from cybersecurity and diversity to business strategy and growth. • Acknowledged as a highly effective communicator and industry thought leader, with numerous awards and recognition for presenting, serving as a panelist, and authoring content for prominent industry events such as ADDO, Sonatype Elevate, Palo Alto Ignite, CFF, QA Forum, RFG, SINET, PBC, Tech Trek, and beyond. • Foster productive relationships with key industry security bodies, including CISA, EPSS, CFF, and PBC, to help shape security policies and promote better cybersecurity practices. 

Topic 2: Security pitfalls of AI, solved by GenAI


Speaker Bio: Trupti has 18 years of diverse experience, leading security and privacy initiatives in Fortune 500 companies and dynamic startups. Currently she is exploring data security and privacy space as part of her stealth mode startup “TrueNil”. Her journey is marked by cultivating high-performing teams, pioneering product security and privacy engineering strategies, and instilling a progressive mindset. A seasoned public speaker and product security leader, she passionately imparts her insights to drive positive security impacts and mitigate organizational risks. Notably, she holds a patent for a secure and anonymous electronic polling solution.