SheLeadsTech Switzerland - Removing Hierarchies: the potential of Blockchain technology to leverage

When:  Dec 8, 2022 from 17:15 to 18:00 (CET)
Associated with  Switzerland Chapter

Even though our world has undergone tremendous changes within recent years, most corporations are organized traditionally. Hierarchical structures still tend to dominate.

This is a joint event of the ISACA Switzerland Chapter together with FHNW@TITAN-E

Blockchain technology - with its inherent features of traceability, security and decentralization – has the potential to innovate decision-making. Decisions can be organized more inclusively, transparently and democratic. As a lever, the blockchain-based concept of DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) can be applied.

Amin Rafiee is an international speaker and founder of the world’s first decentralized university ‘Bittopia’. He will share his experience with us by elaborating on decentralized decision-making and the potential of blockchain and DAO.


Detecon (Switzerland) AG
Löwenstrasse 1
Zurich, 8001


Andrea Tribelhorn