2023 Annual Summer Conference

2023 Annual Summer Virtual Conference

Adapting to the Speed of Change

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TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023

 Login  8:15 – 8:30 AM EST

8:30 – 9:25 EST

Adapting to the Speed of Change: Pursuing Digital Trust and Meeting Challenges

Robert Clyde  CISM, NACD.CD, NACD Board Leadership Fellow
ISACA Board Chair (2018-2019), Crypto
Quantique Board Chair, Cybral Board Director, White Cloud Security Executive Chair, ShardSecure Executive Advisor, Curtail Executive Advisor


9:35 – 10:30 EST

Internal Audit Innovation using Data Analytics

Jeanine Rasulo, Vice-President, Internal Audit,

Technology, Infrastructure and Innovation – CIBC

A Day in the Life of Threat & Vulnerability Management

Barry Kelly, AVP, Threat & Vulnerability Management – Sunlife Financial

10:40 – 11:35 EST

Open Banking

Edith Hitt, Partner, Ankit Verma, Senior Manager - Digital Financial Services Transformation & Sanjay Arora, Senior Manager, Governance Risk & Compliance Services - KPMG

Fostering Trust in a Digital Era: Connecting People in a Digitized World

Gabriela Herrero, Organizational Consultant, Global Executive Coach & Ice Swimmer – Founder Existence Coaching, Leadership & Consulting

11:45 – 12:45 EST

Artificial Intelligence, Fraud and You

Ishaan Srivastava, Professor/ Program Coordinator (Fintech), School of Accounting & Financial Services - Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology

Using NextGen Capability to Efficiently Reduce Risk

Christine Dewhurst, Principal & Carl Miller, Principal –



Login  8:15 – 8:30 AM EST

8:30 – 9:25 EST

Keynote:  Facilitating Innovation... Safely and Securely

Charlie Floriano, Director of IT - Ontario Energy Board (OEB)


9:35 – 10:30 EST

Quantum Computing: What can you do now?

Sarah McCarthy,

Cryptographic Strategist - evolutionQ

10:40 – 11:35 EST

Generative AI - Risk vs Reward 2 sides of the same Coin

Rolandi Treska, Partner and Belal Raifai, Manager - PwC

Enhancing Technology & Cyber resilience across the financial sector

Chris Suknundun, Managing Director & Head of the Technology Risk Division - OSFI

11:45 – 12:45 EST

Navigating Cloud Security Risks

Andrew Vezina, VP and Chief Information Security

Officer - Equitable Bank

Thriving Through Change – 3 Strategies for Personal Readiness

Laura Vaughan, Principal, carrythe3 inc.


 Login 8:15 – 8:30 AM EST

8:30 – 9:25 EST

Keynote: Digital Innovation Risks in the Finance Sector

Mohamad Al-Bustami, Managing Director of the Digital Innovation and Impact Hub - OSFI


9:35 – 10:30 EST

Privacy & Cybersecurity in Canada: What to expect?

Safayat Moahamad, Senior Consultant, Privacy and Data Trust - EY

ESG Data – the auditor quest for Completeness, Accuracy & Reliability

Pedro Medeiros, Partner, Governance, Risk and Compliance Services & Ven Adamov, Partner, Data Analytics, Risk Consulting - KPMG

10:40 – 11:35 EST

Emerging Threats
Michael Kostanecki, Associate Director, IT Audit & Tarun Dhawan, Associate Director, IT Audit - Protiviti

Zero Trust & Next Gen Endpoint

Allison Atkins, Cloud Endpoint, Security & Trust Leader - Microsoft

11:45 – 12:45 EST

Adopting Responsible AI
Dalia Hashim, Program & Research Lead, AI & Media Integrity - Partnership on AI

Panel on Generative AI and the gold rush for AI adoption in the Canadian Enterprise

Moderator: Behram Faroogh – Faroogh Consulting

Panelists: Asif Qayyum, Managing Director - PwC

Irfan Aziz Hayat, President – TechGuru
Ishaan Srivastava - Program Coordinator - Seneca (Fintech)