Expertise Sharing Program

What is ISACA T&T's Expertise - Sharing Program?

This new innovative program developed by our Membership Committee, is an opportunity for ISACA T&T Chapter members to author articles for general awareness on selected topics, which will be shared with the membership via the ISACA TT website and social media channels.

How can members participate in this program?

Are you certified in any of these areas: Security, Privacy, Audits, Governance or Technical IT?

Do you have over 3 years’ experience in that field? 
If you answered Yes to these questions, this could be your chance to become a Contributor Author to the profession and share your expertise on a topic to increase our membership’s knowledge and gain recognition from your peers.

Please also refer to guidelines for articles below.


If you are interested, please send your contact information to our Membership Office - and we will reach out to you individually.



 Specifications for Expertise-sharing Program

Article Structure

Authors should cover either new developments in the field or in-depth technically oriented subjects.:
- What is happening now?
- What is happening in the future? (changing/not changing)
Is there a contrast(ing thought)? Pros and Cons
e.g. IT Risk Management framework is important but costly –what mitigating factors can we come up with?

Must include topic definitions

Original content or Experience -If article is based on experience, Contributor needs evidence to back-up content.

Citation for facts mentioned in article:
- No plagiarism
- Should include, at a minimum, author(s), title of book/ article /webpage, publisher, date of publication
- Use endnotes at the end of the article, rather than footnotes, to credit sources
- Include a reference section for any and all general references. Include all relevant source information (e.g., author, publisher, title of book or article, magazine name, date/year of publication, country of publication). Follow “Author Acknowledgement of Copyright” guidance provided below.

Images/graphical representations. Should include but not limited to figures, illustrations, tables, photographs, diagrams

Hyperlinks to any sources used in article and/or hyperlinks to other articles

Contributor’s identity or any identifier of the Contributor must be removed from the article

Article Guidelines

Minimum, but not limited to  2,000 words


Relevant to ISACA members (IT audit, Cybersecurity and Governance professionals)

Article must be aligned with ISACA certifications e.g. risk management, Cybersecurity

Interesting commentary on a current topic





Other Requirements

Contributor’s full name and job-title

Short biography

- include a brief biography including current position, background, professional affiliations, and books or articles published. Avoid including educational information

High resolution photo to publish with the article