About Our Chapter

Welcome to the ISACA Canberra Chapter

Welcome to the ISACA Canberra Chapter (Australian Capital Territory, Australia). The ISACA Canberra Chapter sponsors local educational seminars and workshops, conducts regular chapter meetings, and helps to further promote and elevate the visibility and continued professionalism of the IS audit, control and security profession throughout the Canberra area.

The ISACA Canberra Chapter was formed in 1985 and has around 450 members, many of whom are employed by, or work with, the Australian Federal Government. Although the ISACA Canberra Chapter is relatively small, it is quite active, typically organising around 10 professional update sessions and a number of courses or seminars each year. The ISACA Canberra Chapter successfully hosted the 2001, 2009 and 2017 Oceania CACS.


This chapter is run by volunteers who are ISACA members nominated through the ISACA Annual General Meeting (AGM). ISACA members' participation in running the chapter are highly encouraged.

The ISACA Canberra Chapter Board meets the second Tuesday of each month from January to November each year. The ISACA Canberra Chapter also holds its AGM in December of each year.

To contact the chapter, use the contact page or email president@isaca-canberra.org.au or membership@isaca-canberra.org.au

ISACA Canberra Chapter Board of Directors

Alistair Nicholson - President
Jonathan Tremethick - Vice President / Events & Conference Sub-Committee Chair
Magic Freeman - Secretary / Director, Membership
Peter O'Brie
n - Treasurer
Shah Ariffin - Director, Technology
Yannick Arekion - Director, Social Media
Jagdish Mehra - Director, Higher Education Outreach
George Hlaing - Director, Government Outreach
Anthony Canning - Director
Suresh Pandy - Non-Director, Strategic Partnerships
Heidi Winter - Non-Director, Events & Conferences 


ISACA (previously the Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is a world wide association of IS governance professionals. The association currently focuses on assurance, security, and governance and provides globally recognised certification in assurance (Certified Information Systems Auditor), security (Certified Information Security Manager), and  governance (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT).

The association is one of individual members, often the sole practitioner of information systems auditing, security, and/or governance in his or her company. The membership of the ISACA reflects a multiplicity of backgrounds and skills that make the information systems governance field challenging and dynamic.