Chapter Leaders

The chapter is run entirely by volunteers. To ensure that Chapter leadership represents a wide array of industries and professions members are encouraged to participate in running the Chapter. Below are the names of the current Board members and Directors and their contact information.

The Board

The Board of the ISACA Denmark Chapter consists of at least five members elected at the Annual General Meeting. 

President: Peter Frøkjær, member of the board since 2014 -
Vice-PresidentJanette Købche, member of the board since 2019 -
Claus Rosenquist, member of the board since 2008 -
Secretary: Michael Clement, member of the board since 2013 -
Member: Christian H. Riis, member of the board since 2011 -
Member: Steen Petersen, member of the board since 2011 -
Member: Christian Dinesen, member of the board since 2020 -
Member: Susanne Møller-Hansen, member of the board since 2020 -
Alternate member: Gerd Faarup Cordtz -
Alternate member: Jonas Helweg-Mikkelsen -
Alternate member: Vibe Lundahl -


Directors are responsible for several areas needed for the Chapter to run its activities.

Membership: Hans Henrik Berthing -
Webmaster: Steen Petersen -
Member Meetings, West: Jesper Parsberg Madsen -
Member Meetings, East: Christian Dinesen -
Certifications: Christian Riis -
Education: Christian Dinesen -
CSX Liaison: Christian Dinesen -
Conference 'Sikkerhed og revision': Michael Clement -
Academic Relations: Christian Dinesen - + Janette Købche -
One In Tech Liaison: Janette Købche - + Susanne Møller-Hansen -
Event support: Hans Jørgen Lund-Andersen + Jan Olaf Olsen