Sponsorship Program

Greater Kansas City ISACA Corporate Sponsorship Policy

The Greater Kansas City ISACA Chapter is pleased to present our newly developed sponsorship program. We are offering the following sponsorship opportunities to vendors that align with the vision, mission, and objectives of the Chapter.

Sponsors must align with IT Audit, Compliance, Risk, Security, and Governance in the Enterprise.  We pride ourselves in our diverse membership community who represent companies within the Greater Kansas City area including banking and financial industries, consumer products, government, health care, insurance, public accounting, consulting, and transportation industries. 

We hold 12 events a year including 10 monthly meetings with an average attendance of 45 and two training seminars with an average attendance of 35.

Our Internet-facing website and monthly newsletter are viewed by over 500 members.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits:

Sponsorship Level

PowerPoint Automated Slide Deck

Sponsor Logo w/link Included in Website & Monthly Newsletter

Marketing Brochures Available to Membership



YES ++


YES – Entrance Table + Dinner Table






YES – Entrance Table + Dinner Table






YES – Entrance Table

$300 /yr.





YES – Entrance Table



Custom sponsorships are also available!  Contact the Greater Kansas City ISACA Chapter for more options!

** Spring session typically includes:

  • Monthly Chapter Meetings - February through June
  • Spring Training seminar held in March or April.

**Fall session typically includes:

  • Monthly Chapter Meetings - July through December
  • Fall Training seminar held in October or November.

(Chapter does not meet in January or August)

++ No presenter, speaker, or audio allowed.  An automated slide-deck is welcomed, such as a 15-20 second pause per slide.  This slide deck must contain no more than 15 slides.  This is not available for the May meeting.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Sponsor's relationship with ISACA will focus on improving the professional knowledge and technical skills of IT audit leaders and staff through education-oriented contacts rather than a sales approach. The Greater Kansas City ISACA Chapter will not provide membership lists.
  • The ISACA logo (including the Kansas City Chapter and International logo) must not be included in any sponsorship material or altered in any way.
  • Sponsors agree to promote services and products to ISACA members only after the express permission of those members to be solicited has been received. This is also known as the "opt-in" policy. In conjunction with the opt-in policy, sponsors also agree to adhere to a "no-spam" and chapter privacy policies. Member names, contact information, and distribution lists will NOT be shared under any circumstances under this program. The ISACA logo (including the Kansas City Chapter and International logo) may not be utilized or displayed by the sponsor without prior written approval from the Chapter's Board of Directors in addition to ISACA International.
  • To emphasize the Chapter's education mission, sponsor or product-specific "stand-alone" displays or showcases are not permitted at any meetings or events including but not limited to exhibit tables, and banners.  However, sponsor logo products such as pens, note pads, etc. may be made available by the sponsor to meeting and event attendees.
  • The Greater Kansas City ISACA Chapter reserves the right to amend the program at any time. All existing sponsors will be notified of such changes when they occur. Abuse of the program could result in termination from the program.
  • Sponsors will be introduced at the meetings they attend. They are encouraged to network with interested ISACA chapter members and guests at monthly meetings to create meaningful one-on-one relationships which can help ISACA members understand technical risks, solve problems and recommend solutions. Cost of attending any seminars held by the chapter would not be included.
  • Sponsor logo, tagline or short description, and URL will be displayed in the Sponsor section of ISACA Chapter's monthly newsletter and Internet Website.
  • ISACA Kansas City Officers will be the final approval for any sponsorship opportunity.  Approval will be granted through a majority vote.

Payment and Cancellation Policy:

Sponsorship payment is due upon receipt of mutual agreement between the Greater Kansas City ISACA Chapter and sponsored organization.  Benefits begin immediately based on tier selected.

In the event of a cancellation request, any unused event sessions will be refunded at a pro-rated amount based on the tier.  For instance, if a cancellation for a Bronze tier takes place after two events into the five-event fall session, 60% of the sponsorship cost will be refunded, no questions asked.

Inclement weather and meeting cancellations, while rare, do happen.  In the event that a meeting or event is canceled, a credit will be issued based on the sponsorship tier and/or services purchased.

Revision History - Approved 04/12/2019