Speakers and Presentations

Call for Speakers and Presentations

ISACA Greater Kansas City promotes the ISACA Learning Objectives and Education Mission -"that continuing professional education is best accomplished in a setting that engages dialogue, discussion and debate, both formally within the session and informally." 

While our local chapter events are not subject to the same ISACA Call for Speaker procedures, ISACA Greater Kansas has established guidelines and practices to set expectations for both our speakers and presenters as well as our audience.

  • Presentations must provide at least one CPE credit (50 minutes) of content
  • Speakers must submit a draft of presentation or abstract with learning objectives for review to programs@isaca-kc.org at least 60 days prior to  presentation date (unless topic was pre-approved by ISACA KC Programs Committee)
  • The learning objectives must be clear and measurable.
  • No sales pitches: Please agree to not directly pitch your company's products or services during a presentation. It's okay to discuss things related to your work, but the purpose of your talk should be to educate, not to sell. You may discuss problems that are solved with solutions and provide an overview at the end of the session on your specific product, but not provide a dog and pony show for the full presentation.

Right to Cancel
We reserve the right to interrupt if we are find ourselves in the middle of a pitch.
We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a presentation when requirements are not met.

Event Set Up/Planning 

ISACA KC uses the CVENT platform for event planning which includes a speaker portal with resource folder for any collateral, such as a copy of the presentation, contact information, including LinkedIn and Twitter, and if preferred, allow for a pre-recorded session for on demand access to presentation.
Speakers may also grant ISACA KC permission to record session for availability to registered guests for up to 30 days.

For our agendas and registration site, we prefer to include a bio of our speakers as well as professional headshot and overview of presentation that lists learning objectives. 
Please refer to the ISACA Event Program Set Up Guide :

We announce events at least 30 days in advance for registration.

Speaker Fees 
Proposals must be submitted for review and approval by the board with presentation at least 60 days prior to event.  A 1099 should also be provided.

Speaker/Presenter CPE Issuance 
CPEs will be issued according to ISACA's guidance for presenters.