What's New

Welcome to our new website! This new site, along with a number of additional chapter features represent a good deal of hard work ISACA has been working on, at the chapter and international level, to enhance the ISACA member experience.

First, the new website, please take a look around. We have switched to a new platform that will make it easier for us to channel industry information, opportunities, and calendar data to you, our members. Please feel free to communicate to us any improvements you think we can make.

Second, the chapter has adopted two new tools to make attending chapter events easier. First, all chapter invites and registration will be done via CVENT going forward. This new tool will allow us to make luncheon and seminar experiences easier to track, register, and provide feedback. Please be aware that if you see our event invites looking different, it is in fact not spam. The chapter has also adopted ZOOM as a webcasting tool. We plan to provide a webcast option for our CPE luncheons going forward to make it easier to get all the valuable industry information (and CPEs!) our members are seeking. Once fully implemented, webcast information will be provided in the meeting registration.

Lastly, ISACA International has launched their new ENGAGE website. This is the new hub to interact online with your fellow ISACA members from all around the world. Discussion board on a wide range of topics that represent the zeitgeist of our industry can be found there. I encourage everyone to explore this area and contribute to the conversation.

With regards,

Joe Mendez

ISACA Hawaii Chapter President

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