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Chapter Report Card - 2021

Curtain Raiser on 30th January 2021

Member Moments

The Hyderabad chapter would like to capture Member Moments during the Pandemic times.

We all stand united to combat the deadly COVID 19 ,while coming to terms with the challenges in our own unique way.

What do you  have to do ?

Send us a video on your “work from home” and  how helped you during these challenging times to

Rules and Regulations

1.The event is only for ISACA Hyderabad members

2.The videos must be for a minimum of 15 secs and a maximum of 2 min duration

3.Members can use their phones /cameras or other devices to create the videos

4.The contents of the video must contain aspects of which you have found helpful

6.Please mention your Name , email address and your ISACA ID in the mail


1.Any views, graphics or content that may hurt the sentiments of any religious groups ,gender, sects, nationality or ethnicity must be avoided

2.This is a creative initiative so stay clear of any political propaganda

3.The videos maybe part of global forums , so please be careful of the surroundings the videos are shot

4.The medium of propagation ( language )is English

5.The submitted videos may be published on the chapter’s social media platforms