Developing Business Resilience in Africa: Insights from NIS2 and DORA directives

When:  Nov 30, 2023 from 19:00 to 20:30 (EAT)
Associated with  Kampala Chapter

Developing Business Resilience in Africa: Insights from NIS2 and DORA directives.

In this session, we will delve into a critical theme of developing business resilience in the African context by examining the implications of two key directives by the European Union, NIS2 and DORA. We will examine what organizations and cyber security experts in Africa can borrow from these two directives to improve response to the growing threats posed with digitalization and the surge in cyber-attacks to strengthen their security requirements and address the security of supply chains. These directives are believed will play a significant role in shaping the strategies and practices of businesses operating in African countries.

Theme: Developing Business Resilience in Africa: Insights from NIS2 and DORA directives.
Date: Thursday, 30th November 2023
Time: 7pm to 8:30pm (EAT)
CPE: 1.5hrs


Mr. Teddy Ramanakasina

  • Teddy is An Accomplished IT Security Professional with over 25 years in experience crafting and deploying robust security solutions across cloud and on-premise environments.
  • An Accomplished CISO delivering robust risk management strategies to multinational Board of Directors.
  • A Seasoned audit executive with a proven record in business risk management and mitigation.
  • He is a skilled educator and trainer, well-versed in banking regulations, providing top-tier awareness to C-level executives.

Mr. Philippe Quandalle

  • Philippe has got 35 years of professional experience with 25 years in IS and 15 in DC infrastructures including 10year in Cybersecurity domains. Philippe Quandalle supports the CIO(s), the Information Systems Security Manager(s) (CISO) for Governance, security policy, management of repositories, Audit and control, the challenges of Information Systems, functional and process analysis methodologies, diagnosis and associated quality approaches.
  • He supports the techniques of architectures and both functional and all components of the technical infrastructure of Information Systems (Windows, UNIX, Linux, NAS, SAN, LAN/WAN, messaging, AD, Wins, DNS, Antivirus, Firewall, Proxy, DBMS, operating and supervision tools).
  • He supports companies (OIV) Operators of Vital Importance and (OSE) Operator of Essential Services for their ISO-27001 and ISO-27002 certification with the integration of the draft regulation of the European commission (DORA) Digital Operational Resilience Act and migration from NIS1 to the NIS2 Directive.

Learning Objectives

  1. An overview of what NIS2 and DORA stand for, their objectives, and the broader context in which they are implemented.
  2. Understand the concept of business resilience, why it is crucial in the African context, and the unique challenges that businesses face on the continent.
  3. Participants will gain insights into strategies and best practices for developing business resilience considering NIS2 and DORA implications.

We look forward to your attendance at this important gathering and anticipate a productive and engaging discussion.

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