ISACA 50th Anniversary Celebration

On March 28, 2019 the NJ Chapter hosted a membership meeting and celebration of ISACA's 50th Anniversary.  In addition to food and fun, there were 3 panel discussions, each with an interactive format and Q&A. Michael Cangemi served as moderator. The first panel, comprised of Michael Cangemi, Emil D’Angelo, and Steve Ross focused on ISACA International’s 50 years of leadership in IT Audit & Security. The second panel, comprised of Cary Brown, Joe Rodman, and Mizba Tawa shared some of the 40 plus year history of ISACA NJ from a Chapter perspective. The third panel of all panel members addressed current professional issues and emerging technology trends.

Anniversary Cake for Attendees

Anniversary Cake 
for Those Who Preferred Chocolate
Emil D'Angelo (left)
and Joe Rodman

Chapter Past Presidents
Beverly Austin and Donald Lhao

Chapter President
Mizba Tawa
Panel Moderator
Michael Cangemi
NJ Chapter Board of Directors


December 2018 Certification Recognition and Holiday Gala

NJ Chapter President Mizba Tawa


Cary Brown




Stan Borinski









Chapter President Mizba Tawa and Vice President Bill 'Alia


2018 Annual General Meeting

Chapter Board of Directors - Group Shots

Board of Directors 2010-2011
Board of Directors, 2011-2012

Board of Directors, 2014-15
Board of Directors, 2015-2016
Board of Directors, 2019-2020