2022 Annual General Meeting

2022 Annual General Meeting
June 21, 2022

After two years of holding Annual General Meetings virtually due to Covid, the 2022 AGM was held on-site at Batello's in Jersey City, NJ.  Participants were able to enjoy socializing, renewing old acquaintances, and making new ones.  Our keynote speaker was ISACA CEO David Samuelson, who presented the current and future state of ISACA.  Chapter awards were presented and the newly-elected Board of Directors was introduced.

Marie Ivanov, Cary Brown  Joe Rodman, Cary Brown  Cary Brown and Lily Shue
Beth Flores-Manlapig, Kerwyn Velasco, Mizba Tawa    Marie Ivanov, Bill D'Alia
Joe Rodman, Lily Shue    Beverly Austin, Mizba Tawa
Beth Flores-Manlapig, Carl Neumann, Mizba Tawa  Beth Flores-Manlapig, Susan Prescott, Mizba Tawa  
Cary Brown, Joseph Nunes, Jeffrey Saffer, Kerwyn Velasco