Board Nomination and Election Process

Chapter Nominations & Elections Process

San Antonio ISACA Chapter Nomination & Election Process
Board Approval: May 8, 2020

Relevant Chapter Bylaw Sections
Article V. Chapter Officers

Section 1. Chapter Officers
The Officers of the Chapter shall be a minimum of 9 in number, constituting: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and a minimum of 4 Directors at Large.

Section 2. Term of Chapter Officers
1. The Chapter Officers, except the Immediate Past President, shall be elected for a term of 2 years, or until their successors are elected and assume office, or until they resign or are removed from office. The term of office shall begin at the close of the annual meeting.
2. No member shall hold more than 1 Chapter office at a time, and no member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same Chapter office.

Section 3. Duties of Chapter Officers
The Chapter Officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws, and the parliamentary authority adopted by the Chapter.

Article VI. Nominations and Elections

Section 1. Chapter Nominations
1. Nominations shall be open and will be declared open by the board via electronic communications mechanisms in the month of March. Nominations will then be accepted from any member of the Chapter via electronic communication mechanisms.
2. Each candidate shall have consented to serve and shall have completed/signed a Willingness to Serve agreement and Conflict of Interest form.

Section 2. Chapter Elections
1. Officers shall be elected by electronic ballot.

Nominating Committee
The Chapter has elected to use a Nominating Committee to run all elections. Using a nominating committee to assemble a list of willing and qualified candidates for office greatly benefits members in helping to select their leaders. It can provide basic assurance the candidates nominated have at least expressed an interest in the job, have agreed to serve, and are qualified for the offices for which they are nominated.
• The Chapter Board of Directors, excluding the current President, elects the Nominating Committee.
• The Committee should consist of three to five (3 – 5) members. It is recommended that the committee include at a minimum one non-board member (volunteer from the general membership).

The Nominating Committee’s Role
• The duty of the nominating committee is to find the best candidate for each office and supervise the election process.

• Persons serving on the committee can be nominated for qualified positions.

• The Secretary will provide the bylaws, as description of duties for each office and the eligibility requirements. The Committee must carefully review the eligibility requirements for each office and see that the nominees meet these requirements. If anyone is elected, and it is discovered after the election that the person is not eligible, the election of that officer is null and void. The committee than has to find a new nominee and the members have to vote again.

• The Nominating Committee solicits candidates for open officer positions. These solicitations can be via personal contact, “nominations ballot”, email, postal mail, the chapter website, in-person announcements at educational sessions or a combination thereof

• A member of the committee should then be designated to contact each nominee to see if he or she is willing to serve and request bio, resume and goals for desired position for evaluation of qualifications. The Nomination Committee reserves the right to interview a candidate to obtain more information for their recommendation. .

• If someone is not willing to serve, the committee needs to meet again and find another candidate.

• The Nominating Committee may recommend more than one candidate for each office to be filled based on qualifications; however, every attempt should be made to recommend the most qualified individual for each position and solicit other volunteers to fill committee positions to avoid creating disharmony within the volunteer pool.

Nominating Committee Report
The report of the nominating committee is usually given under “special orders.” When called on to give the report, the chairperson of the nominating committee states the nominations for each office (one nominee for each office).

The Chapter Board, minus the president will vote on the acceptance of the nominations.

Chapter Elections
• Chapter elections are held electronically prior to the Annual General Meeting.

• The ballot will be presented to the general membership with the Board approved nominations and a write-in option for each position.

• Elections last a minimum of 7 days.

• Nominating Committee disseminates ballots, collects all votes, records the numbers, and then reports the election result to the Chapter Board. Secrecy of the ballots must always be maintained. Individuals from the nominating committee who were also running for a position should excuse themselves from collecting, recording and reporting election results. In the event that all members of the committee are on the ballot, every effort should be made to identify a non-partisan party to disseminate the ballots, collect the votes, record the numbers and report the election results to avoid the perception improper handling of election results.

• As soon as the committee reports the election results, it is discharged from its duties. Sometimes the committee is revived to make nominations to fill vacancies or obtain the appropriate willingness to serve and conflict of interest for “write-in” winners.

• Elected officers are announced at the Annual General Meeting and/or electronically prior to July 1.

• The term of office shall begin at the close of the annual meeting. Newly elected officers should prepare and transition to take over their assigned duties no later than July 1st.

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