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ISACA Certification: Which ISACA Certification is Right for You?

Why certify? ISACA certifications are globally accepted and recognized, and they give you the credibility you need on your quest for career advancement. Certification proves to employers that you have what it takes to add value to their enterprise. In fact, recent  independent studies have consistently rated ISACA’s designations among the highest impactful certifications that an IT professional can earn. If you want to boost your earning potential as well as enhance your professional credibility and recognition, click on one of the pictures below to begin your path to certification.

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RSS for Governance & Risk Management

  • A risk assessment identifies threats and determines the potential impact they may have on people, property, and operations. It is the bedrock of any effective enterprise risk management program. Yet without automated risk assessment tools, conducting your assessment can be extremely time-consuming and error prone. Traditional risk assessment methods rely on an endless web [...] The post Automated Risk Assessment Tools to Streamline Your Process appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • Commercial Risk, September 9, 2023 Advanced analytics, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is set to transform risk management, helping companies predict future risk and automate aspects of risk identification and mitigation, experts have told Commercial Risk Europe. Demand for risk data is growing but so too is the availability of data and the tools [...] The post AI to Enable More Proactive and Predictive Risk Management appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • HR Dive, September 12, 2023 There is no perfect road to take, though it can be smoother for HR if the department is brought into the process early, one expert said. While the COVID-era boom in mergers and acquisitions has abated, they’re still happening, with $1.477 trillion in deals in the U.S. and Canada [...] The post How HR Can Help Make MAs Successful appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • If a cyberattack were to get through your defenses tomorrow, or if civil unrest suddenly broke out in the country of a major third-party supplier, would you know what the impact would be? Can you confidently say how long it would take for operations to be back up and running? A business impact analysis [...] The post How to Conduct a Business Impact Analysis appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • How long would it take you right now to answer basic questions about your company’s insurance coverage? If you can't easily access important details about coverage, deductibles, layers, limits, and more, you could be costing your company big. And the more brokers, carriers, claims, and policies you have, the harder it is to keep track [...] The post Four Insurance Policy Management Tools to Lower TCOR appeared first on Riskonnect .

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