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RSS for Governance & Risk Management

  • Determining the risk appetite for your business is critical to organizational success. Risk appetite is what gives senior management the necessary guardrails in managing risk exposure from the top-down. The challenge, however, is that the definition of "risk appetite" is much debated among company leaders. Vague and often conflicting definitions make it extremely difficult [...] The post Risk Appetite: Know How Hungry Your Company Is for Risk appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • Commercial Risk, October 21, 2021 Markets are emerging from the pandemic at different times and with varying views toward vaccination. Some countries are requiring key employees to be vaccinated, while others are leaving the choice to employees. How can multinational companies manage the maze of regulations surrounding vaccination? Listen in as this panel [...] The post To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • Three steps to strengthen healthcare organisations against a growing cyber threat By Jim Wetekamp, CEO, Riskonnect Strategic Risk Europe Cyberattacks within the healthcare sector rose a staggering 55% in 2020. The average cost to recover patient records jumped 16% over the past year. Hospitals and other institutions are allocating more resources on both [...] The post Why Hospitals Need Better Cyber Hygiene appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • Is your business prepared for long-term remote workforce management? Seventy percent of white-collar workers are still working remotely, and most employees permanently want to retain at least some form of remote work. Many workers are even willing to quit their jobs if the company demands full-time in-office attendance. Even though the original reason for [...] The post Remote Workforce Management Risks: How to Move from Temporary Fix to Permanent Solution appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • Insurance Journal, October 8, 2021 Integrated risk management software firm Riskonnect has acquired ICIX, a California-based value chain governance company that helps businesses manage their environmental, social and governance performance. The acquisition accelerates Riskonnect’s growth by expanding its integrated risk management product suite to better serve the demands of the fast-growing ESG market. [...] The post Riskonnect Acquires ESG Technology Firm ICIX appeared first on Riskonnect .

RSS for CyberSecurity

  • Press play for the first episode as host Aryeh Goretsky is joined by Zuzana Hromcová to discuss native IIS malware The post Launching ESET Research Podcast: A peek behind the scenes of ESET discoveries appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
  • ESET researchers studied all the malicious frameworks ever reported publicly that have been used to attack air-gapped networks and are releasing a side-by-side comparison of their most important TTPs The post Jumping the air gap: 15 years of nationstate effort appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
  • The INTERPOL-led operation involved law enforcement from 20 countries and led to the seizure of millions of dollars in illicit gains The post More than 1,000 arrested in global crackdown on online fraud appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
  • How scammers take advantage of supply chain shortages – Tips for safe online shopping this holiday season – Steps to take after receiving a data breach notice The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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