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RSS for Governance & Risk Management

  • The speed of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse was scary. It was clear that business continuity thinking did not happen as recently as Q3 2022. Some blamed the collapse on the chief risk officer vacancy. Others blamed it on the ill-considered transparency offered by the CEO on March 9. Regardless, the bank, its board, and its [...] The post Silicon Valley Bank: A Business Continuity and Resilience Wake-Up Call? appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • Between Microsoft’s ChatGPT and Tesla’s self-driving technology, AI is beginning to capture the public imagination with its advanced capabilities. As a result, AI innovation is transforming industries everywhere — including claims and insurance. While claims automation AI can’t parallel park for you, it can streamline existing claims processes and reduce the time it takes to [...] The post Claims Automation AI: The Future of Claims is Here appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • By Andrea Brody, CMO, Riskonnect Supply Chain Digital Global recession changes how firms must handle supply chain risks, says Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer at risk-management specialist Riskonnect. Today’s supply chains are no strangers to disruption. Organisations have had to grapple with a variety of disruptive forces – severe supply constraints, record inflation, [...] The post Recession Requires Supply Chain Risk Rethink Riskonnect appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was a well-established financial institution with $209 billion in assets under management (as stated in their 2022 financial statements) that collapsed into insolvency in a matter of days. How could this have happened so quickly and suddenly? The truth of the matter is it shouldn’t have been a surprise. There should [...] The post The Impacts of the SVB Collapse on the Financial Industry appeared first on Riskonnect .
  • As the use of third-party suppliers grows, it is increasingly imperative to be diligent with vendor risk assessment practices. Vendors and other third-party suppliers are essential for keeping most organizations running smoothly. But these relationships can be fraught with perils that can negatively impact your finances, performance, and reputation.Consider these risks: a disruption in your [...] The post What is a Vendor Risk Assessment? appeared first on Riskonnect .

RSS for CyberSecurity

  • ESET experts share their insights on the cyber-elements of the first year of the war in Ukraine and how a growing number of destructive malware variants tried to rip through critical Ukrainian systems The post ESET Research Podcast: A year of fighting rockets, soldiers, and wipers in Ukraine appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
  • How fraudsters groom their marks and move in for the kill using tricks from the playbooks of romance and investment scammers The post Pig butchering scams: The anatomy of a fastgrowing threat appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
  • How content creators and subscribers can embrace the social media platform without (overly) exposing themselves to the potentially toxic brew of NSFW content and privacy threats The post Staying safe on OnlyFans: The naked truth appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
  • Here are some of the key moments from the five hours of Shou Zi Chew's testimony and other interesting news on the data privacy front The post Highlights from TikTok CEOs Congress grilling – Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
  • As TikTok CEO attempts to placate U.S. lawmakers, it’s time for us all to think about the wealth of personal information that TikTok and other social media giants collect about us The post What TikTok knows about you – and what you should know about TikTok appeared first on WeLiveSecurity