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Happy 2019 to SC ISACA Chapter Members!!!


Its hard to believe we’re only a year away from 2020!?! 


2019 also happens to be the 50th birthday of ISACA!!!

Few voices within today’s technology industry can claim 50 years of involvement. With our distinct background, and in the context of ever-increasing reliance on technology, the ISACA community continues to grow in importance and impact. And yes, while technology has evolved beyond all recognition since 1969, ISACA has thrived exactly because we remain true to the character and principles enshrined in our founding: We are people coming together to share knowledge and insights to advance the efficacy of new technologies.

We are—and have always been—about realizing the positive potential of technology.

In 2019, consider volunteering with your local chapter—as members’ investment of time has helped drive ISACA’s success.  The international organization currently has more than 1,200 active volunteer positions and many local opportunities, as well. Volunteers essentially founded the organization and laid the groundwork—you can be a part!

As its 50-year milestone has approached, ISACA has embarked on an effort to capture and preserve the insights of its members across the globe. These are the voices that matter, the voices that have carried ISACA to this notable moment in its story.  Read more at www.isaca50.org.


We Are One. We Are 50.


Locally in SC, we continue to provide high quality educational and networking events to the ISACA community as can be found on our website at www.scisaca.org.  Check out the website for the latest news and sign up for our monthly newsletter!!!

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