An Introduction

Welcome to Sydney Chapter

Our Chapter has over 1,900 members and is one of over 225 global chapters. ISACA has 165k+ members globally and has issued 268k+ certifications in Auditing, Risk, Governance, Privacy, and Security. 

The membership of the Sydney Chapter has recently elected a new board of volunteer directors, who endeavor to improve board governance and teamwork. We have enhanced and implemented a robust Strategic Planning process to help develop leadership, improve succession planning and increase transparency. Further, we have significantly expanded the roles of our directors to achieve outcomes in favor of our membership. As a chapter, we have invested in team building and strengthened our mentoring program for board directors.

Sydney Chapter has increased collaboration with fellow industry associations and universities. We will further strengthen these relationships and aim to develop more such collaborations with other membership-based associations. This will provide many opportunities for our members, enhancing their professional knowledge, in order to implement good practices.

Our chapter is focused on educational outreach and the needs of individuals joining the IS audit, cybersecurity, risk management, and privacy professions.  Chapter events are designed to facilitate ongoing knowledge of ISACA’s core subject domains, and to support the advancement of the COBIT framework.  Our chapter is actively engaged in the region’s business and educational communities to promote ISACA’s core certifications CISA, CISM, CRISC, CGEITCDPSE, and CSX-P. ISACA has added ITCA, a new stackable credentials for young professionals and career changers to build fundamental IT knowledge and skills in five essential focus areas. ISACA has also included Certified in Emerging Technology (CET) Certification and Industry Credentials and Partnerships;  Cybersecurity Audit Certificates, IT Risk Fundamentals Certificate and CCAK Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge.  

Visitors to our chapter benefit from our members' diverse backgrounds and their willingness to advance the profession. We also encourage organisations looking to recruit, to promote their vacancies on our chapter website. Similarly, our chapter will assist members between positions in finding new opportunities; both services for a nominal fee. 

As an all-volunteer organization, we always welcome the support of our members. Members looking to take on leadership roles and give back to the profession are invited to inquire about joining the Sydney Chapter’s activities. 

Finally, we take this opportunity to thank our generous sponsors; for without their support, we wouldn't be able to achieve the outcomes stated above. We also invite other organisations to sponsor chapter activities, including professional development sessions, special interest groups, whitepaper initiatives, and our annual one-day summits. Contact us to find out more.

Warm Regards, 

Asaf Ahmad, President

How it All Began

In 1976, six chartered accountants got together and formed the EDP Auditors Association, or EDPAA as it was known.

According to Bernie Creenaune – one of the “founding fathers” of Sydney Chapter – there was no real progress for about 2 years; where monthly meetings were held in various clubs such as the Rugby Club and Commercial Travellers Club, and serious business was followed by beers and finger food.

Many such meetings were followed by dinner and some late nights at the Mandarin Club.  It all seemed a bit of a joke at the time as no one really thought seriously about it; most people came for the opportunity to mix with peers in this new profession.

When Bernie was elected to the EDPAA International Board, the association really started to move.  A National Convention was held in a major hotel in Sydney with ice carvings, corporate sponsorship and all the associated trimmings.  Every non-member who registered for the convention automatically became a member of EDPAA Sydney Chapter, whether they liked it or not. 

EDPAA Sydney Chapter grew from 20 to over 200 members overnight, making it the second largest chapter in the world,after New York. The Americans could not believe the growth!

Today, after a name change and several logo designs, ISACA Sydney chapter has grown to over 1600 members and continues to strive to provide exceptional value to our membership.