WMISACA Spring Seminar 2023

Starts:  Jun 22, 2023 08:30 (ET)
Ends:  Jun 23, 2023 12:30 (ET)
Associated with  Western Michigan Chapter

You are invited to the WMISACA Spring Seminar 2023 starting on Thursday, June 22, 2023 and ending on Friday, June 23, 2023.


How to Perform a Data Governance Audit


This is a two 1/2 day event


Members $50

Non-Members $60


Registration Deadline

This is a two 1/2 event


Event Dates

Thursday and Friday, June 22nd and 23rd, 2023


Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm (EST) each day


Cost: $50/members; $60/non-members



Data Governance is the most critical area that allows an organization to operate effectively.  This seminar is intended to provide the attendee with the knowledge required to conduct an audit which ensures that data is secured, accurate, usable, and available.


Who Should Attend?  

This seminar is designed for IT, GRC, IT Audit, Integrated & Operation Auditors and Vendor Relationship Manager.


Program Level: Intermediate


Learning Objectives

Participants in this seminar will learn:

  • After completing this course, the attendee will be able to:
  • Determine whether an overall effective data governance program has been implemented.
  • Determine whether an effective organizational structure has been established.
  • Determine whether effective data quality controls have been established to ensure accuracy, completion, and timeliness.
  • Determine whether effective issue escalation and resolution occurs.
  • Determine whether the Key Data Elements have been properly identified.
  • Determine whether a proper attestation has occurred.


Seminar Outline:

  • Introduction to Data Governance Concepts 
  • Dependent project initiatives 
    • Data Classification Implementation 
      • Framework 
      • Implementation initiatives 
      • Gap analysis and remediation 
  • Data Governance Policies & Standards 
  • Adoption of a Data Governance framework 
  • Evaluating the organization structure 
    • Data Governance Steering Committee 
    • Data Governance working groups 
    • Data Owners 
    • Data Stewards 
    • Business Custodians 
    • Data Management Office 
    • Technical Data Custodians 
  • Evaluating of mapping of business areas 
  • Evaluating Data Governance Reporting 
    • Standards for Data Governance Reporting 
    • Metrics and key performance indicators 
    • Implementation strategies 
  • Evaluating Data Management 
    • Data Management Standards and Procedures 
    • Inventory of key reports 
    • Inventory of inbound/outbound messages/files 
    • Inventory of key data elements 
    • Data definition rules 
    • Data lineage and tracing requirements for Key Data Elements 
    • Inventory of authoritative data sources 
    • Data controls for Key Data Elements 
    • Data quality dimensions 
    • Identifying business, technical, and operational Metadata 
  • Evaluating Data Storage 
    • Data deletion 
    • Data retention 
  • Evaluating the Attestation 
    • Attestation Standards 
    • Maintenance Tables 
    • System access and entitlements 
    • Report attestation 
  • Evaluating Privacy & Security 
    • Data privacy and Security Policies 
    • Encryption requirements 
    • User access, entitlements, and system provisioning 
  • Evaluating Issue Management & Remediation 
    • Issue management standards and procedures 
    • Change management 
  • Evaluating Tool, Technology, and Automation 
    • Automation of Data Dictionary 
    • Automation of issue management 
    • Creation of centralized data lake 
    • Data Privacy and Security 
    • Data Storage & Retention 
    • Extraction, transformation, and loading 
    • Data analytics and reporting o Data assurance and validation