Chapter Board and news archive in English language

    Chapter Board (years 2022-2023 updated):
    • President - Saltanat Mashirova,
    • Vice President - Nurzhau Bolatbek,
    • Secretary, Membership Director - Olga Chikanayeva,
    • Marketing Director - Mirzarif Mirkamilov, 
    • Certification Director - Assem Ydyas,
    • Program Director - Andrey Morozov,
    • Education Director - Anatoliy Pudel,
    • Director at large - Zhanat Nurbekova,
    • Immediate past president - Arman Oramalov,
    • Rising Professionals Liaison - Nursultan Konspayev,
    • SheLeadsTech Liasion - Ulbossyn Balykbayeva,
    • Research Liaison - Dana Oshakbay.

      Chapter Board (year 2022 - 2023):
      • President - Saltanat Mashirova,
      • Vice President - Ruslan Ismagulov,
      • Treasurer - Nurlan Amanzholov,
      • Secretary - Mirzarif Mirkamilov,
      • Marketing and Communications Director - Eduard Kan, 
      • Certification Director - Assem Ydyas,
      • Membership Director - Aisaule Mukhanova,
      • Education Director - Nurzhau Bolatbek,
      • Director at large - Zhanat Nurbekova,
      • Arman Oramalov - Immediate past president.

      Chapter Board (years 2020-2021):
      • President - Arman Oramalov, CISA,CISM
      • Vice President - Ruslan Ismagulov, CISA
      • Treasurer - Nurlan Amanzholov
      • Secretary - Mirzarif Mirkamilov, CISA,CISM
      • Marketing and Communications Director - Almaz Amirzinov, CISA
      • Certification Director - Yerzhan Yermekbayev, CISM
      • Membership Director - Aisaule Mukhanova
      • Education Director - Konstantin Aushev, CISA,CISM
      • Director at large - Alibek Ishbayev, CISA, CIA, CRMA.

      Chapter Board (years 2018-2019): 
      • President - David Tuganov, CGEIT
      • Treasurer - Nataliya Igoshina
      • Secretary and Vice President - Arman Oramalov, CISA,CISM
      • Marketing and Communications Director - Almaz Amirzinov, CISA
      • Membership and Certification Director - Yerzhan Yermekbayev, CISM
      • Education Director - Ruslan Ismagulov, CISA
      • Director at large - Alibek Ishbayev, CISA

      Chapter formation committee (years 2016-2017): 
      • Chairperson (President) - David Tuganov, CGEIT
      • Treasurer - Dilyara Issamadiyeva, CISA,CGEIT
      • Secretary and Co-chair - Arman Oramalov, CISA,CISM
      • Chapter officer covering Marketing and Communications - Almaz Amirzinov, CISA
      • Chapter officer covering Membership and Certification - Yerzhan Yermekbayev, CISM
      • Chapter officer covering Education - Ernar Suyerbayev, CISA
      • Chapter officer for various questions - Alibek Ishbayev, CISA

      Five years since first Chapter formation team meeting.

      In february (20.02.2021) we celebrated five years since first ever chapter board meeting (2016-2021), at that time it was formation team.

      Following achievements of the Chapter within 5 years discussed during 1st chapter board meeting for the year 2021:
      25 seminars in 3 cities: Nur-Sultan (former name Astana), Almaty and Atyrau.
      3 trainings of preparation to CISA,
      2 conferences,
      20 chapter board meetings and 5 annual general meetings with chapter members,
      Participation in 5 global events of ISACA,
      We do have registered and functioning legal entity and bank account as per requirements of the ISACA.

      Participation in the ISACA Community Day.

      ISACA Nur-Sultan Chapter participated in the ISACA Community Day in years 2021 and 2020.

      ISACA Nur-Sultan Chapter members participated in global volounteer event of the ISACA, Community Day 2020 and 2021, and  made this as environmental event (cleaning river beach and street) in 3 cities: Nur-Sultan, Atyrau and Almaty.

      Participation in the ISACA Global Leadership Summit (GLS) 2020.

      In a week of 10th of August, 2020 during 5 days ISACA Nur-Sultan Chapter board members (Arman, Aisaule, Nurlan and Mirzarif) participated in ISACA 2020 GLS virtual event. Together with chapter leaders all over the world at virtual tables we've made our inputs to formulate strategy of the ISACA. 

      ISACA Nur-Sultan Chapter congratulates all ladies with the International Woman's Day (8th of March) and launches the ISACA's SheLeadsTech Global Initiative in Nur-Sultan city, Republic of Kazakhstan.

      The ISACA SheLeadsTech aims to increase the representation of women in leadership positions in technology and the workforce. This organization brings together women working in the field of technology and striving for professional success. Join this group to connect with other supporters from around the world and find out how you can help.

      Check out SheLeadsTech events hosted by ISACA leaders around the world! ISACA training and skills development programs will prepare current and future women leaders for a digital future so that we can overcome unconscious bias.

      The web site for more information:

      Startig from January 2020 as per agreement with university ENU named after Gumilev, ISACA Nur-Sultan Chapter is conducting seminars every saturday for students, introducing professional certifications and services from ISACA.

      ISACA NUR-SULTAN (former name ASTANA) CHAPTER CONFERENCES in years 2018 and 2019

      On 8th of December 2018 and 15th of November 2019 we had great events of the Chapter conferences, where brought togehter professionals in areas of IT, Audit and Cyber Security.

      Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ISACA Nur-Sultan Chapter for year 2019.

      Following the AGM on Friday 27th of December 2019 with members of the chapter ISACA Gobal updated roster with new Chapter Board for years 2020-2021 (see below).

      On the AGM meeting we presented to chapter members what have been done. As result of AGM the following concluded:
      2.1 Election of Chapter Board members for 2020-2021 period:
      - David Tuganov as Immediate past president;
      - Arman Oramalov as President;
      - Ruslan Ismagulov as Vice president; .
      - Nurlan Amanzholov as Treasurer;
      - Mirzarif Mirkamilov as Secretary;
      - Almaz Amirzinov as Marketing and communications director;
      - Aisaule Mukhanova as Membership director;
      - Yerzhan Yermekbayev as Certification director;
      - Konstantin Aushev as Education director;
      - Alibek Ishbayev as Director at large.
      2.2 Three key strategic goals for years 2020-2021:
      a) help in opening test center for ISACA exams;
      b) improve marketing & communication,
      c) and encourage authorities on regulatory requriement for professional certifications in IT, audit and cybersecurity.