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2019 Bylaws


We have been working hard on rewriting and updating the Chapter's bylaws to modernize them and support our strategy to have the governance structure and the resources in place to fully serve our members throughout the region. 

I am pleased to announce that we have finalized our draft bylaws, they have been approved by the Chapter Board of Directors, and by ISACA International.  The next step is for membership to review and approve them.   I have attached them to this email for your review and will be scheduling a special meeting in the next month in order to allow members a chance to review and vote on them. I will be sending an additional email with the date, time, meeting details, and voting options in the next few weeks.  

Summary of Key Changes

  1. Voting for elections, bylaws, or other resolutions can be performed electronically and those votes and correspondence can be considered a meeting.  Electronic voting will require at least 10 responses in order to have a quorum.

    (This will allow us to operate with more flexibility and give members more options for their voices to be heard)

  2. Directors at Large have been expanded from 4 to 6 and not tied to a given Province.

    (This will allow the Board the flexibility distribute resources to areas that have a larger need and strive to have Provinces equally represented on the Board)

  1. The Marketing Director will become a Marketing and Communications Director

    (We felt the additional responsibilities of a communications director could be added to those of the existing marketing director without adding an additional director to the Board)

  2. Approval for non-budgeted expenditures has increased from $500 to $2000. 

    (Non-budgeted expenditures of $500 was last defined in 2012 and don’t reflect the current operating environment of the Chapter) 

  3. Expansion of Chapter Committees and their governance structures

    (This supports the strategy that has been communicated over the last 6 months to serve our members across 6 different major cities and the 4 Atlantic Provinces.)

  4. Introduction of new Associate Director positions serving on board committees lead by Board of Directors member(s).

    (These positions will allow ISACA members to volunteer, vote within committees, and support events in their local regions with flexible commitment levels)   

  5. Introduction of non ISACA member volunteer positions (no voting rights) being permitted to serve on a board committees

    (The expertise and resources needed to expand and grow our chapter and support our operations may not be available within our existing membership base.  Being able to expand outside our membership increases our ability to directly serve membership)