Frequently Asked Questions
The following FAQs answer basic questions about chapter events, publications, and resources as well as common questions received from the Chapter Membership.  If the FAQs don't answer your question, please contact us.

Events and Contacts

  1. Where do I find details on chapter events, such as cost, CPEs, location, POC, etc?
    1. Each chapter event has a dedicated page with all of the event details and registration information.  Each event has a specified Point of Contact (POC) if there are questions or registration problems.
    2. Links to event sites are listed on the home page and the Chapter Events calendar.
  2. What types of events does the chapter present?
    1. The chapter provides training events such as conferences and special seminars, exam review courses for all 4 ISACA certifications, and networking mixers.
    2. Visit the Chapter Events page for more information on these events.
  3. Who should I contact if I need assistance for a specific event?
    1. Each event website (see the previous FAQ) has a section listing the Kentuckiana Point of Contact for that event.
  4. How do I communicate special accommodations I need (e.g. hearing, vision, etc.)?
    1. If you have special accommodations, such as hearing or vision assistance, please contact the reservations POC designated on the event page.