John Beveridge Award

John Beveridge Achievement Award Winners

ISACA ® New England is pleased to announce that the Board has established a yearly achievement award named after John Beveridge, past president of both the New England Chapter and the International ISACA ®. This award will be given to an individual who has, over and beyond the norm, contributed his or her efforts to their Profession and ISACA ®.



1996 Michael Sobol
1997 Robert Lyons
1998 Mark Hausammann
1999 Joe Gelinas
2000 Javier Kuong
2001 Phil Bond & Erik Guldentops
2002 Sandford Sherizen
2003 Norman Kelson
2004 Lesley Maccauney
2005 Camille R Rigney
2006 Jane Graffum
2007 Mike Field
2008 Robert Buchanan
2009 Dennis Huaman
2010 Matthew Putvinski
2011 Martin Dolphin
2012 Laurie McDonald
2013 Erica Hague-Antos
2014 Katharine Hayes
2015 Robert Snyder
2016 Larry Wilson
2017 Linda Zanoni
2018 Victoria Graves
2019 Mark Dudas
2020 Joy Gray
2021 Michael Woodson
2022 Cindy Baxter