Chapter Event Questions

Question: Where do I find details on chapter events, such as cost, CPE's, POC, location, etc?

Answer: Each chapter event has a dedicated site with all of the event details and registration information.  Each event has a dedicated Point of Contact if there are questions or registration problems. Links to events can be found on our Events Page.

Question: Do I need to register for Chapter events?

Answer:  For monthly meetings and training events, yes, registration is required. For networking mixers, an RSVP may not be required.  The networking mixer page will clearly indicate whether an RSVP is required.

Question: How do I register and pay for Chapter events?

Answer:  Members are encouraged to register online in advance for Chapter training events.  To register, visit the Events Page and click the event's link, which will take you to the event's summary page.  If the event is open for registration, the "Register" button will appear on the the page. 

Only online registration is available prior to each event.  Credit cards and PayPal are accepted online.
Most monthly events will have seats available for walk-ins.  Credit cards are accepted at that time.

Purchase orders, checks, and cash are not accepted for any chapter event.

Question: Should I register online in advance of the event?

Answer: We recommend advance registration for all chapter events, as it helps us plan our facilities better and makes check-in at the event much quicker.  Also, some of our events may be limited due to the size of the event location.

Question: What is the latest I can register in advance for an event?

Answer: For monthly meetings, online registrations will generally be accepted until Noon one to three days prior to the event, unless we run out of seats. This allows Chapter volunteers sufficient time to prepare materials for the event.
For seminars and other training events, registration will typically close well in advance to ensure we can meet speaker and facilities commitments.

Question: Will there be on-site registration at the door the day of the event?

Answer: For monthly meetings, the answer is typically "Yes", although walk-ins may be limited at specific meetings.  While we typically have sufficient capacity to accommodate registrations the day of the event, this may not be the case for all events.

For seminars and other training events, advance registration is required to ensure we can meet speaker and facilities commitments.


Question: Do I need to pay for the event when I register?

Answer:  Yes - Payment is requested during the registration process.

Question: What forms of payment are accepted?

Answer:  For online registration, only credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) or PayPal payments are accepted.  A credit card must be used if paying at the door.

Question: How do I know that my registration and payment were successful?

Answer:  You will receive an e-mail confirmation for all transactions, whether successful or not.

Question: Am I registered if my credit card transaction failed?

Answer:  No. Our registration system will not record the registration if the payment fails, but you will see evidence of the failure during the online registration process.  You may not receive an e-mail notifying you that the transaction has failed.  Please complete the registration using a valid card or PayPal account or plan to pay at the door.  If you have continued difficulty, contact our Reservations Coordinator.

Question: What are some common reasons for credit card payment failures?

Answer:  The most common reason for transaction failures is incorrect address or security code number. By default, Cvent (our registration system) inserts a registrant's address of record as the credit card billing address. Therefore check the billing address to ensure it is correct and modify if needed.

For security reasons, Cvent's credit card processor requires the card's security PIN, located on the back of the card.
Another reason for credit card failure is entering a misspelled name of the card holder. If you have a failed payment, try again or contact the Reservations Coordinator.  We can suggest ways to help you investigate the reason for the payment failure, although we do not have the authority to interact with your credit card provider.


Question: Who should I contact if I need assistance for a specific event?

Answer:  Email the Reservations Coordinator.

Question: How do I communicate special accommodations I need (e.g. hearing, vision, etc.)?

Answer:  If you have special accomodation requirements, such as hearing or vision assistance, please contact the Reservations Coordinator.  Please provide as much advance notice as possible so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Question: Can I view my registration online to print a payment receipt or cancel my registration?

Answer:  Yes, you can view your registration online. Everyone receives an e-mail after successful registration for an event. This e-mail contains a confirmation number. To view your registration, click the "Already Registered?" link at the bottom of event page (under the "Register" button) and enter your confirmation number along with name and e-mail address. (Or you can click the link included in the e-mail). From here you can view your registration, including payment information.

Question: What is the chapter's cancellation policy?

Answer:  Registrations made through Cvent for each monthly meeting can be cancelled through the cutoff da​te, generally 6:00PM three business days prior to the meeting.  For seminars and other training events, please see the terms provided for that event, or see our Refunds Policy on our Program Policies page.  If you need assistance, please contact our Reservations Coordinator.

Question: What is the chapter's complaint policy?

Answer:  The Chapter welcomes your comments, complaints, suggestions, questions and other feedback.  See our Complaint Policy on our Program Policies page.

Question: What options are there if I've registered for an event and I'm unable to attend?

 All cancellations are subject to the Refund Policy on our Program Policies page.   

Question: When are event presentations posted on the chapter's website?

Answer:  The chapter will post presentations from our monthly programs when permission is received from the speaker and their organization. In some cases, permission is not received. These presentations are posted as Adobe PDF files in our Presentations library. Presentations are posted prior to the meeting when possible, or usually within one week after the meeting.

Presentations from Seminars and other training events are generally not posted.

CPE Questions

Question: Are CPE's given for Chapter training events?

Answer:  Yes.  Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits are given for Chapter training events.  The number of CPEs is listed on the Cvent Summary page for each event.  CPEs are typically granted in the area of Specialized Knowledge and Education.  The ISACA® North Texas Chapter is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be addressed to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, 150 Fourth Avenue North Suite 700, Nashville, TN, 37219-2417. Web site: www.nasba.org.

Question: Who do I contact if I needed a replacement CPE certificate?

Answer:  You can contact the Chapter CPE Coordinator for a replacement CPE certificate for monthly meetings and seminars.  For Exam Review courses, you can contact the VP of Certification.

Question: Are CPE's credits reported to ISACA International?

Answer:  We perform an upload of CPE within two weeks of the event.  Of note, we must have your signature on file for the event to receive CPE.  We cannot accommodate requests for CPE if you failed to sign into an event.

General Chapter Questions

Question: What is the chapter's mailing address?

Answer:  P.O. Box 261091, Plano TX 75026-1091

Question: What is the chapter's telephone number?

Answer:  The chapter does not have a central telephone number. If you need a phone number to complete a training request, please contact the Reservations Coordinator​.

Question: Who do I contact if I have questions about the Chapter?

Answer:  The Chapter Board is organized into several committees, such as Membership, Programs, Newsletter, Website, etc.  Please contact the appropriate Director for your question.  If unsure, please contact the Chapter President.  E-mail addresses for Chapter Officers and Directors can be found on the Board page.

Question: How often are Chapter Newsletters published?

Answer:  Newsletters are usually published ten times a year.  Prior newsletters can be found in the Newsletter Archive.

Question: Can I submit an article or book review for the newsletter?

Answer:  Yes, articles and book reviews can be submitted.  Simply contact the Newsletter Coordinator. The Newsletter Coordinator will assist you in identifying topics and also review your submission and suggest editorial changes as needed.  If your article or book review is accepted, it will be published in the chapter's newsletter and posted on our website.  Articles should be between 1400 and 2500 words.  Two-part articles will be considered.  Articles should be easy to read and accessible for editing (e.g. no PDF files). Topics should be related to IT security, governance, and audit.

Question: How do I join the Chapter email list?

Answer:  ISACA members who are associated with the North Texas Chapter of ISACA are automatically added to the Chapter e-mail list using information provided by ISACA International.  Also, anyone who registers for our events is automatically added to the e-mail list.  Anyone who would like to be added should e-mail the VP Membership to be added to the mailing list.  Please include name, e-mail address, contact phone number and company name, if available.

Question: How do I opt-out of the Chapter e-mail list?

Answer:  All e-mails you receive from the Chapter contain a link that can be used to remove you from the mailing list.

Question: How do I volunteer with the Chapter?

Answer:  To become a volunteer, contact a Chapter Officer (see our Board page) or email volunteer@isaca-northtexas.org.  

Question: Can anyone submit a job for the Careers page?

Answer:  If a company has a specific position to advertise on our jobs page, it can be submitted for review.  All such announcements are subject to review by the Chapter Board. 
To submit a position, email the information to jobs@isaca-northtexas.org.  Please include all relevant information to the position including a description, responsibilities, requirements, and contact information.

Question: How long are job announcements posted?

Answer:  An expiration date can be added to any announcement.  If not added, they will be removed after 30 days.