ISACA North Texas Elected Board Members

Board Member

Sean McAloon - President
Sean McAloon

Responsibilities & Contact

Responsible for overall functioning of the Chapter; main contact between the Chapter and the Association
Brandi Royal - Secretary

Responsible for maintaining the Chapter records, including but not limited to minutes of board meetings and the Chapter Bylaws

Doug Gorrie - Treasurer

Doug Gorrie

Responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Chapter

James Arnold - VP Programs


Responsible for producing all Chapter programs at monthly meetings

Raveen Bhasin - VP Education
Raveen Bhasin

Responsible for the education of Chapter members and prospective Chapter members at events other than the monthly meetings and certification review courses
Mahesh Chandiramani - VP Facilities
Mahesh Chandiramani

Responsible for ensuring adequate facilities and food for all monthly meetings and seminars
Keri Chisholm - VP Communications
Keri Chisolm

Responsible for notifying all Chapter members and other interested parties of Chapter events and announcements

David Friedenberg - VP Membership

David Friedenberg

Responsible for maintaining the database of current Chapter member information, including but not limited to name, place of employment, address, phone number, and the e-mail address of each member

Jose Lineros - VP Certifications

Responsible for arranging for and running semi-annual ISACA certification review courses

Jay Demmler - VP Academic Relations

Responsible for acting as a liaison to local colleges and universities and/or the university’s academic advocate

Past Presidents

Ian Connors - 1st Past President
Ian Connors
Brittany George - 2nd Past President
Brittany George
Laurie Flandrau - 3rd Past President
Laurie Flandrau

Responsible for providing continuity and historical guidance on chapter processes