Chapter Awards

Chapter Awards

ISACA Omaha Chapter Awards

Nominations are currently being accepted for our annual chapter awards. 

Application Opens: 12:00 AM US CDT, July 14, 2023
Application Closes:  11:59 PM US CDT,  August 21, 2023
Awards Presented: September 14, 2023 at Cunningham's 4-6pm

We invite all members to submit nominations for our inaugural chapter awards which will be awarded during the AGM. To nominate a deserving member, please email with your name, the nominee’s name, the recommended award, and a paragraph explaining why you feel the nominee should be considered for the award. Awards and corresponding descriptions are listed below:

  • Recognition for Chapter Volunteers
    • Eternal Service Award: Recognizes a chapter member who has dedicated over 10 years of service to support the members and mission of the Omaha ISACA Chapter.
    • Volunteer of the Year Award: Recognizes a chapter member for their remarkable efforts in providing service and support to the chapter by assisting with member events, networking and promoting the Omaha ISACA Chapter to help increase membership.
  • Recognition for Chapter Leaders
    • Outstanding Chapter Leader Award: Recognizes a chapter leader for inspirational leadership through dedication and service with member events, networking, career development, and training resulting in a positive impact on the Omaha ISACA professional community.
    • Shinning Star Award: Recognizes a board member for their regular attendance at chapter events and selfless devotion to help with administrative duties for the Omaha ISACA Chapter.
    • Excellence in Mentoring: Recognizes a chapter member that devoted their time and talents to support personal growth and career advancement for member of the Omaha ISACA Chapter.
  • Recognize Business Supporter
    • Community Partner Award: Recognizes a local business dedicated to the success and support of members and events of the Omaha ISACA Chapter.