Chapter Leaders

Current ISACA Ottawa Valley Chapter Board Members (2023-2024):

S-Lavergne.png President: Steve Lavergne
G-Barber.png Vice President & Programs Chair: Glen Barber
A-Kassem.png Secretary: Becky Leung
Treasurer: Karim Najjar
W-Xu.png Director Communications: William Xu
P-Liu.png Director Membership: Pierre Liu


Director Marketing: Pierre Liu


Director, Academic Relations: Robert Weisman


Director, Government, Regulatory Advocacy: Jay Johnson

A-Kassem.png Director CISA: Naveed Khan
A-Kassem.png Director CISM: Erin Robichaud
Director CSX: James Go
A-Kassem.png Director CRISC: Kulvir Bains
A-Kassem.png Director, CDPSE: Neloy Bandyopadhyay

Director, IT Governance: Guy Pearce

A-Kassem.png Past-President: Robert Weisman
A-Kassem.png Webmaster: William Xu

Past Chapter Leaders

To see a listing of past Chapter Leaders / Board Members, visit this page.