ISACA connects exceptional people with up-to-date knowledge in order to provide student members a wide range of member values and benefits.

Student Membership Benefits
The ISACA Ottawa Valley Chapter has a strong focus on providing career benefits to students through the following:

  • Networking events for professionals and students
  • Providing guest lectures for IT Classes
  • Offering special rates for students and faculty at chapter seminars

For more information please visit the ISACA International Benefits Page.

How to Become a Student Member
For more information please visit the ISACA International Become a Member Page.

Membership Dues
In order to become members of ISACA, professionals pay a local chapter membership fee and an international membership fee.

The Ottawa Valley Chapter waives its chapter membership fee for students. The only fee that students need to pay to become members is the international fee which can be found on the Become a Member Page.

Become a Student Member

Are you considering an Information Technology (IT) related career? Joining ISACA will open the door to opportunities in a wide range of fields like security, audit, assurance, risk, privacy, compliance and many more!

For more information, visit ISACA's Student Membership page.