SheLeadsTech is an ISACA program that seeks to increase the representation of women in technology leadership roles and the tech workforce.

A study completed by Women in Tech World (WiTWorld), “The Discovery Foundation’s BC Gender Equity Roadmap” revealed that, only 20% of the tech industry workforce is made up of women, which is well below the limited national average of 25%. There is only 10% of women representation in senior executive roles. It doesn’t stop there, only 54% of BCs post secondary students graduate in science and technology related degrees.

In Metro Vancouver, we want to support women and support the industry. We need diversity in thoughts, ideas, problem solving, and approach. We need women to be a part of our industry if we are going to meet demand and enable Metro Vancouver’s public, private and academic sectors to realize the positive potential of technology.

The ISACA Vancouver Chapter, SheLeadsTech program focuses on 3 key areas:
  • Professional Women
  • Academic (College & University)
  • Young Girls (Primary & Secondary Education)
Through the SheLeadsTech Vancouver program, the ISACA Vancouver Chapter is committed to engaging, developing and advancing women, and the next generation of women in technology related careers.