About ISACA Atlanta Board

About Our Chapter

Welcome to the ISACA Atlanta Chapter. We provide and sponsor: 

§  Educational conferences and seminars 

§  Events and socials

§  Workshops

All with the intent to help members and participants connect, grow, and socialize along with elevate the visibility of the IT audit, risk, control, and security professions throughout Georgia and virtually around world. 

Pay It Forward

Chapter’s theme this year is “Pay It Forward.” It is much more than three words; it is in the DNA of the Chapter. Where multiple groups come together helping our current and future generations develop and grow. The Chapter in 2023 will expand:

        •         Working with Students at Colleges and Universities
        •          Variety of in-person and virtual training
        •          More networking and social events

These will help us connect to each other and service current and future members.

Meet the Board of Directors...

Chapter Officers

Chapter Directors

Chapter Coordinators

  • Brian Albertson, President
  • Anthony Dupree, VP of Operations
  • Mukesh Arora, Treasurer
  • Jacqueline Crawley, VP of Governance
  • Rica Washington, Secretary
  • Elizabeth Mavetz, Past President
  • Sandeep Davalbhakta, Director of Programs
  • Michael Ade Oriade, Director of Communication
  • Tinashe Nzuzu, Director of Certification
  • Brian Vasquez, Director of Sponsorship
  • Stacy Gensler, Director of Geek Week 2023
  • Randy Goins, Director of Technology
  • SioFong Che, Director of Academic Outreach/Alliances
  • Jay Kashiri, Director of Diversity and Membership 
  • Jon Powell, UGA Academic Coordinator
  • Kevin Carlson, Program Committee
  • Jay Kashiri, Program Committee
  • Patrick Catton, Program Committee
  • Todd Beavers, Program Committee



  1. President
  2. VP-Operations
  3. VP-Governance
  4. Treasurer
  5. Secretary
  1. Director of Programs
  2. Director of Membership
    • New Membership Coordinator
    • Regional Membership Coordinator
  3. Director of Communications
  4. Director of Certification
  5. Director of Academic Outreach and Alliances
  6. Webmaster