Chapter Volunteer Opportunities

The ISACA Atlanta Chapter achieves it's mission through volunteers that are passionate about giving back to the community. We invite you to apply to be a general volunteer to support the chapter using the survey below, as well as review the open roles. 

We are conducting a Membership Survey to gain insights into your interests, skills, and preferences. Your feedback will help us align our programs, volunteer opportunities, and events with your needs and aspirations. Please take a few minutes to complete our ISACA Atlanta Chapter Membership Survey. If you have any questions about volunteering please contact: Jay Kashiri

Communications & Marketing Coordinator

We are seeking a passionate and proactive individual to join our team as a Communications Coordinator. The Communications Coordinator will assist in developing and implementing communication strategies to help keeping our team connected and our community engaged.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop Content: Craft compelling content for newsletters, LinkedIn, and other communication mediums.
  • Manage Social Media: Oversee and grow our social media presence, plan content calendars, post regularly, and engage with our audience.
  • Design Marketing Materials: Using Canva, create brochures, flyers, and digital graphics to support our social media, email marketing and event efforts.
  • Event Promotion: Assist in organizing and promoting events, webinars, workshops, and other chapter activities.
  • Work closely with the Operations team as a part of the Communication & Marketing Function.


  • Develop and refine your communication and marketing skills in a real-world setting.
  • Expand your professional network and gain valuable experience for your resume.
  • Have a meaningful impact on ISACA ATL Chapter and the community we serve.

ISACA Atlanta Membership Coordinator 

The Membership Coordinator exists within the Governance, Risk, and Compliance/Audit function of the ISACA Atlanta Chapter. The coordinator will work directly with the Director of Membership to establish various opportunities for member engagement throughout the year.  These opportunities may include, but are not limited to, membership drive communications, events, incentives, et cetera for both active members and new members. 

Responsibilities of Coordinator: 

The responsibilities of the coordinator include: 

  • Assist in the planning and delivery of member engagement events – virtually and in-person 

  • Partner with ISACA global for membership drives, registration, and renewal campaigns. 

  • Attend and participate in ISACA Atlanta Chapter events. 

  • Attend ISACA Atlanta chapter GRC/Audit quarterly meetings. 

  • Review member communication drafts 

  • Partner with Academic Alliance, Communication, and Program Committee leads to promote and communicate upcoming membership events. 

For more information, contact: 

Director of Membership, 

Other Volunteer Opportunities will follow soon!

To stay up to date on volunteer opportunities, please follow our chapter LinkedIn page!