About Our ISACA Chapter

ISACA Atlanta Chapter

Welcome to the ISACA Atlanta Chapter. We provide and sponsor: 

  • Educational conferences and seminars 
  • Events and socials
  • Workshops

All with the intent to help members and participants connect, grow, and socialize along with elevate the visibility of the IT audit, risk, control, and security professions throughout Georgia and virtually around world. 

Chapter’s 2024 theme is “The Human Element.” It is much more than three words; it is in the DNA of the Chapter. Where we come together and focus on what makes cybersecurity and GRC programs tick, the people. The Chapter in 2024 will expand:

  • Working with students at Colleges and Universities
  • Increased variety of in-person and virtual training
  • Maturing our conferences and expanding the number of conferences
  • More networking and social events

These will help us connect to each other and service current and future members.

Officers & Directors at the 2023 AGM

Brian Albertson, President

Message From the President

The ISACA Atlanta Chapter serves over 2,800 members and an additional 5,000 participants. We continually are expanding our opportunities at in-person and virtual events hosted by the Chapter and its partners. These gatherings offer valuable insights, the chance to earn free CPEs, and the privilege of hearing from renowned industry speakers.

I'm delighted to share that the foundational steps of our strategy are in place, and we have an exciting lineup of events on the horizon. In 2024, we will offer virtual talks, four quarterly in-person events, and the expansion of two multi-day, multi-track conferences.

And then, there's you. Whether you joined us virtually or in person, we extend our sincere gratitude for placing your trust in us to lead the Chapter. We eagerly anticipate the remainder of 2023 and an even more remarkable 2024.

Lastly, I'm thrilled to reveal that the Chapter's theme for 2024 is "The Human Element." We are committed to helping individuals cultivate and sustain skills that are highly sought after by employers.

I look forward to connecting with you at an event soon.

Chapter Leaders

Secretary, Marketing Assistance Program, SheLeadsTech
Chapter Leader
Immediate Past President
Vice President, Marketing Assistance Program
Vice President