She Leads Tech

She Leads Tech…with IMPACT
ISACA Chicago Chapter’s Mentoring and Personal Development Program



The “IMPACT” series consists of 4 one-day “micro-learning” sessions filled with mentoring presentations, truthful conversations, group participation, and resources that will have a positive IMPACT on your brand, your reputation, your leadership, and your career.

The four sessions begin Fall, 2019 through Summer, 2021 and include:    

Session I:   SHE               – It’s about YOU            

Session II:   LEADS          – Manage & Grow YOUR Career

Session III:  TECH with    –YOUR role and “subject matter influence”

Session IV:   IMPACT        – Pulling it ALL together!

Program content is designed, driven, and led by technology leaders, coaches, and experienced mentors. These successful leaders discuss and share fundamental actions and differentiating behaviors that led them to their own successes across changing industries, complex projects, challenging organizational scenarios, and high demand roles across global environments.

Session I: “SHE – It’s about YOU”     

IMPACT’s Session I launched on November, 2019 by a team of experts and mentors, who engaged attendees by optimizing their brand; taking a personal inventory of their strengths and gaps; by refining their social media presence; and helping them develop their personal strategic plan by end of day.

During the session, attendees heard from ISACA Chapter leaders from around the Globe…sharing their support and personal insights on the value of mentorship and personal development connecting cultural experiences and strengthening ISACA’s values. #WeAreOne.

Before end of day, ISACA Chicago’s gift to every attendee was a professional headshot taken by a photographer as the first step to enhance and strengthen their brand, virtual presence, and reputation.
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Session II: “LEADS – Manage and Grow YOUR Career”

IMPACT’s Session II is a virtual “micro-learning” session for 100 minutes through “ZOOM” on July 23 beginning at 3pm and ending at 4:40pm CST. The program includes:

A mentoring presentation: “Performance Beyond Expectations”.

Understanding who you are as a leader and where you want to go is critical to leading others. In this session, you'll learn the science of leadership, develop your leadership philosophy and understand the core values that drive you. We'll cover the characteristics of effective leaders, gender differences when it comes to leadership and ultimately help you and your teams achieve performance beyond expectations. 

Following the presentation, an educational and personal development segment will include discussion, interactive chat, tools, and personal application with Q&A on “Transform from Managing to Leading”. In this section, we will review leadership actions and behaviors that will elevate performance beyond expectations, day to day and during transformational times when you:  

  • Establish Direction
  • Drive Strategic Alignment
  • Motivate & Inspire

~ ~ ~

Sessions III & IV – Upcoming/To Be Announced

Continuing the IMPACT series Fall of 2020 and Spring/Summer 2021.


~Leadership is not a title, it’s about investing in yourself, as well as in the growth and development of others.~


Ramona Ratiu- MS, CISM, CISA, GSTRT

President- ISACA Chicago Chapter




 Watch Session 2- Leads- Managing and Growing your Career! 
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