She Leads Tech

She Leads Tech…with IMPACT- ISACA Chicago Chapter’s Leadership Development Program


On November 15th, ISACA Chicago Chapter has launched the She Leads Tech…with IMPACT leadership development program.

The “IMPACT” series includes 4 one-day sessions bursting with presentation, truthful conversations, group participation, and resources that will make a difference!    

SHE                     – It’s about YOU            

LEADS                  – Manage & Grow YOUR Career

TECH with           –YOUR role and “subject matter influence”

IMPACT               – Pulling it ALL together!

The program content is designed, driven, and led by technology leaders, coaches, and experienced mentors. These successful leaders discuss and share fundamental actions and differentiating behaviors that led them to their own successes across changing industries, complex projects, challenging organizational scenarios, and high demand roles across global environments.

SHE – It’s about YOU     

The first session was delivered by an amazing team of experts and mentors, who supported attendees to boost their leadership skills by optimizing their brand, by taking an inventory of their strengths and gaps, by refining their social media presence and developing a personal strategic plan.

Attendees heard from ISACA Chapter leaders from around the Globe, who provided their insights into mentorship and career development, bringing the cultural experience and strengthening ISACA’s values. #WeAreOne.

ISACA Chicago’s gift to all attendees was a professional headshot they can use in strengthening their virtual presence and reputation.

Our next session will be delivered during the Spring of 2020 and will focus on equipping attendees with the tools needed to manage and grow their career. Stay tuned!


~Leadership is not a title, it’s about investing in yourself, as well as in the growth and development of others.~


Ramona Ratiu- MS, CISM, CISA, GSTRT

President- ISACA Chicago Chapter