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Upcoming event: Fast Track your PMO- by Global Institute
October 14 at 11AM- 12:30PM
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2022 SheLeadsTech...with EXPERTISE Virtual Conference
July 19th- July 22nd, 11AM- 1PM CST

Time to Upskill
Join our SheLeadsTech...with EXPERTISE virtual conference, scheduled for July 19th- July 22nd, from 11AM- 1PM CST, each day. Get more knowledge on Cloud arena with topics on: ERM for Cloud computing, Securing the cloud and Cloud IT controls Journey. Learn why Digital Trust is crucial to you and your enterprise. Get the right tools to advocate for yourself and your good work.- ISACA Chicago Chapter
CPEs: 8

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Recordings & Presentations:
Day 1- ERM for Cloud Computing
Presentation slides: pending

Day 1- Securing the Cloud
Presentation slides: ISACA_Cloud_security.pdf

Day 2- Digital Trust
Presentation slides: Chicago_Chapter_Digital_Trust_Session_Presentation.pdf

Day 2- Cloud IT Controls Journey
Presentation slides: Reinventing_your_Business-_Cloud_IT_Controls.pdf

Day 3- Workshop: Name It, Claim It and Don't Explain it
Presentation slides: Name_it__claim_it__and_dont_explain_it-_AndreaKayne.pdf

Day 4- Healthy Habits made simple
Presentation slides: Priorities-_health_habits.pdf

Upcoming event: The Brave New World of Privacy
May 20th, noon- 1pm CST
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Session Recording: 

Upcoming event: Decoding Style
April 29th, noon- 1pm CST
Session Recording: 

Upcoming event: Evolution of IT Operations Performance Management
March 11th, noon- 1pm CST
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Session Recording: 
Presentation slides: BrendaCallaway_Ops_Perf_Overview.pdf

Upcoming event: Why Does Risk Management matter?
November 19th, noon- 1pm CST
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Session Recording: 

Upcoming event:
Virtual Retreat- “Reinventing You: Creatively Designing Your Workspace”
October 22nd, noon- 1pm CST
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Upcoming event: “It’s Time to Give Work/Life Grace a Chance”- Amanda Fennell, CIO- Relativity
September 17th, noon- 1pm CST
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Virtual Retreat- Yoga & Meditation
July 30th- 11am- 11:45am via Zoom
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Launching Program event:
July 16th- 11am- 12pm CST 


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