Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of ISACA?

How do I renew my ISACA membership online?

You must first log on to the web site using your personal access credentials; the secure login area is located on the upper right-hand corner of the ISACA home page. Upon login, you will be directed to MY ISACA, which includes a link to MY RENEWALS.

How can I have my username and/or password sent to me?

You can request to have your username and password e-mailed to you by going to Choose "e-mail address lookup" and then enter your last name (family name) and e-mail address, and follow the prompts. You will have the option to request to have your login credentials e-mailed to you. Once you receive the e-mail and log into your account, you can click on "My Profile" and change your username and password, if you wish.

Do I have to join a local chapter?

If you live or work within 50 miles/80 km of a chapter's territory, you must belong to a chapter and pay both local chapter dues and international dues.

Is membership refundable or transferable?

ISACA membership is non-refundable due to the immediate availability of free downloads and benefits for members. ISACA membership is open only to individuals, and is non-transferable.

How do I notify ISACA (International) of my new address, phone, etc.?

Update your profile online at

How do I notify ISACA (local chapter) of my new address, phone, etc.?

Updating your information with International is the best way as this will ensure that you will not miss any communications and publications originating from International. However, their may be a little lag time for our local chapter to receive your updated information. If you would like us to immediately update your contact information locally, please send your request to

How do I change my chapter affiliation to another chapter?

You may change your chapter affiliation by logging into the ISACA web site at and then clicking on "My Profile" on the left hand side. Here, you will be able to edit your profile information and change your chapter affiliation. After you transfer, the new chapter will see your information on their chapter roster and can include you on all chapter notifications, mailings, etc. If you wish to contact them first, you can access their contact information at

Are there any online discussion groups I can participate in?

There are many communities available for discussions! Please see Engage ISACA Communities to find the one you desire.

In addition, our chapter has a LinkedIn Discussion Group that you are encouraged to join.

What resources such as books, journals, presentations are there that I can use?

ISACA has a great bookstore that you can access online. Members are eligible for a discount.

Our local chapter also has a resource page that includes past presentations made to the chapter.