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Welcome back to the ISACA Illini Chapter page!

As the world around us comes to terms with our new normal, the ISACA Illini Chapter board will continue to hold monthly online events through 2021.  Keeping your health and the COVID-19 guidelines in the forefront of our mind, we hope to be able to hold some of our 2022 sessions in person dependent on the COVID-19 situation at that time.

We would also like to thank the ISACA Illini Program Committee members for their creativity and dedication to helping our chapter return to regularly scheduled learning events in an entirely new way! They’re always open to feedback or suggestions so if you get the chance, let them know how they’re doing. Members of this committee include

  • Becky Glinka
  • Katy Lovell
  • Greg Bee
  • Ann Sallen
  • Tony Jones
  • Cliff Magee
  • Dawn Klintworth

We look forward to seeing and hearing you all again soon, even if virtually is the only way we can do it right now!


The ISACA Illini Program Committee

Our Events

  • Evaluating Open Source Security Stacks

    Dec 16, 13:00 - 17:00 (CT)
     Evaluating Open Source Security Stacks .   Organizations focus on solutions with high visibility commercially that accompany large price tags. While these solutions often come with a large variety of capabilities, in reality a company needs a smaller subset of concrete tools and generally do not leverage a majority of features. I take a strategic approach to evaluating the cost/benefit of OS stacks and the gigantic array of security products that are available free of charge. The focus of the presentation is for smaller organizations with constrained budgets, however I believe all organizations that strategically evaluate their capabilities can do a better job of identifying overlaps. The second half of the presentation is focus on efficacy and increasing ROI for what you have. Regardless of cost, leveraging all the features and avoiding duplication is critical for decreased management, improve event management feeds, et al.   Presented by Ryan Case Ryan was recently appointed the Chief Cybersecurity Architect at SailPoint. Previously, Ryan founded Target MARC Security, a leader in the design and implementation of Open Source security stacks focused on start-ups and religious groups. Ryan was the Director of Security architecture at TriNet, largely responsible for rehauling the company’s security posture and finding gaps to mature the InfoSec program. In addition to day-to-day functions, Ryan has served on multiple board of advisors, recently at Octarine Security. Ryan worked at State Farm Insurance for a decade, leading a broad array of initiatives as Security architect. Ryan is an expert architect with over 15 years of experience and can speak to various information security topics such as cloud security, security architecture, network architecture and design, vulnerability management, application security and zero trust architecture. Ryan has led the strategy and execution for organizations of all sizes. He excels in offering consultations to maximize security spend, reducing capability overlap, and doing what is right for the business. Ryan’s innate understanding of the relationship between business and IT help drive business outcomes through IT, not create IT with a hope of a business outcome. Ryan received his BA from St. Ambrose University in Computer Networking Administration and his MBA from Illinois State University. Ryan holds a broad array of IT, Security and Risk Management certifications. About the event… Date and time:  Thursday, December 16, 2021, from 1:00PM to 4:00 PM. CST Registration:  Members and non-members are invited to attend for $50.00. Please use the registration process below to reserve a spot. CPEs: 3