The Process

Step one: Interest, Congrats you want to get more involved, you have your reasons regardless of what they are, we are happy for the interest.

Step two: You can either contact one of the board members about volunteer opportunities (events, assisting board members etc.) or wait for the yearly survey and select a position you may be interested in.

Step three: A board member will contact you to set up an in-depth call to start the vetting process and find a good spot for you.

Step four: Depending on whether you would like to run for a position or volunteer in some other way. The next step is to give the election committee a small bio and wait for the General Meeting/Election that is held every year in June.

This year we will be electing the positions: Secretary, Membership Director, Deputy Treasurer and Academic Outreach Director.  An email will be going out shortly with more details.  If you are interested in one of those positions, please email Nominating Chair, Kim Schmid at

Have any more questions: email