Past Chapter Presidents

ISACA Singapore Chapter would not be the organization it is today if it were not for these leaders who have contributed greatly to the Chapter and community.  Many of our past chapter presidents continue to support and serve the ISACA Singapore Chapter through various roles and ways, even after handing over the baton. 

Our past chapter presidents:

Year Name   Year Name
1990-1991 Chew Teck Soon   2006-2007 Douglas Lee
1992 Raymond Xiao   2008-2009 Larry Lam
1993-1994 John Chin   2010-2011 Daryl Pereira
1995-1996 Joseph Liew   2012-2013 Leonard Ong
1997-1998 Abdul Hamid   2014-2015 John Lim
1999-2000 Chuah Yak Ngi   2016-2017 John Lee
2001-2002 John Ho Chi   2018-2020 Phoram Mehta
2003 Yoong Ee Chuan   2021-2022 Steven Sim
2004-2005 Sandeep Kothari