2023-2024 Chapter Elections


2023-2024 Officer Election

Members are hereby notified that elections into three Chapter Officer positions for the 2023-2024 term will be conducted virtually via survey as the feasibility of holding an in-person Annual General Meeting cannot be confirmed at this time.

The positions open for contest this year are as follows:

  • President
  • Vice President - GRC
  • Treasurer

Nominations for these positions are open and members are invited to nominate chapter members of their choice to contest for the positions.

    Minimum Qualifications: 

    1. Nominations are only open to ISACA Members and preferably ISACA Atlanta Members.
    2. Must have previous experience in working with a non-profit board in past. Preferably experience in the position you are running for. If you don't have experience, reach out to us about getting involved - we have several positions that require no prior experience. 
    3. Must have the time and availability to commit to the role. The officer roles require active participation and engagement.
    4. Must be willing to work as a team and also work independently as the role requires. 

    Key Dates:

    • October 10th - Notice to Members of Election
    • October 10-November 18th - Nomination Submissions & Nominee Vetting
    • December 2nd - Communication to Meet the Candidates & Electronic Ballot
    • December 2nd - Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    • December 2-9th - Voting
    • December 12th - Announcement about Newly Elected Officers

    Click Here To Submit a Nomination