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  • Posted in: CRISC Exam prep

    Christos I have failed CRISC before and out of frustration, I gave CISM and passed in first attempt. I would think CISM is from a 10000 feet level, and I would say CRISC is from 1000 feet level how you would do things. Now CRISC exam format has changed. ...

  • Posted in: Privacy

    Hi @Hector Calderazzi . In terms of integrity of data, depending on the size of your company, I do agree that it takes multiple stakeholders weigh in on the DPIA. The maintenance of your data inventory is typically dependant on the of level of maturity ...

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  • Posted in: Privacy

    Hi @Jonathan Boyett . The NIST Privacy Framework is pretty good and despite it being technically North American, it fits the bill for global. There are some global frameworks but they are dated at this point (ie OECD).  NIST also has an updated Risk ...

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