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    Hi, in my opinion, risk management is a corporate function, that is done by higher management, as they need to figure out what the key business drivers are, the key risks, the vision, the impact of potential losses, etc. So for me, basically the high ...

  • Hi, I did find exactly where to send the finding to, but I thought this would be the best place. in the Chapter 7 , section 7.4.3 we can read: "7.4.3 Step 3: Refine the Scope of the Governance System In step 3, refinements to the initial scope are identified, ...

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    Hello, Recently met a client who has a defined ERM framework document, and they defined their risk matrix as a 5X5 . To them risk = impact X likelihood. That ERM needs to be adopted across their enterprise.  But their  Service Management has their own ...

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    Thank you for sharing. ------------------------------ Ashish Joshi ------------------------------

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