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    My answer is (B): B. process owner involvement. Because it is a plan and that will drive us to have BIA that will be clarified by the process/business owner. ------------------------------ Abdulaziz Aldayaf IT Inspector ---------------------------- ...

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    Hello, I am looking to combined study, as that helps keep each other focused & correct each other's learnings. Is anyone in or around Charlotte NC, Fort Mill SC. Not interested to make a watsapp group & then mute it. I am looking for in person studying. ...

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    Said A. Why? Because I've already done this question and ISACA says A... Rationally though: B: Not correct because answer assumes no approval of the change C: Not correct because management pre-approving all changes is not really an effective control ...

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  • Dear Yanto, I faced the same issue with my cards, i solve the problem by booking the exam directly from isaca site. Regards, Ali ------------------------------ Ali Ahmed Kan IT Director ------------------------------

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