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    I am now practicing exam questions what am training myself is to complete 200 questions in 4hrs Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android ------Original Message------ Hi In order to finish on time, how many minutes must you spend on each question for CISA ...

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    Answer is :A ------Original Message------ Which of the following represents the GREATEST potential risk in an electronic data interchange (EDI) environment? Select an answer: A. Lack of transaction authorizations B. Loss or duplication of EDI ...

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    The answer is A. Transaction authorization is the biggest  EDI risk. Because the interaction between parties is electronic, no authentication occurs. B, C, and D are additional types of security risk. None of them can be considered the GREATEST risk. ...

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    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and answers on this question. The answer is C and the official explanations are . . . The potential financial loss is correct. The potential for financial loss is always a key factor when assessing the value ...

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