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  • Anti Malware software

    Posted in: CISA Exam prep

    What is the most realible anti malware software..?? 1. Scanner(malware mask or signature and heuristic) 2. Active monitor 3. Integrity CRC checkers 4. Behaviour blocker 5. Immunizers ------------------------------ Emmanuel Simba -------------------- ...

  • Domain 2: BCP

    Posted in: CISA Exam prep

    Which type of major BCP test only requires representatives from each operational area to meet to review the plan? A.   Parallel B.   Preparedness C.   Walk-thorough D.   Paper What is the right answer to this question and why...?? ...

  • Posted in: CISM Exam prep

    Phew! According to the preliminary results I've passed the CISM - today May 20, 2019.   My strategy for sitting this exam ISACA Exam Review Questions, Audible books for my 100 miles driving round trip to work and at work.  At work design governance, ...

  • Posted in: Emerging Technology

    The approach being taken by the UK tend to align with my initial sentiments. However, we will see whether they succeed in their quest. ------------------------------ Douglas Mapuranga CIO ------------------------------

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