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    A. Develop a comprehensive methodology that defines and documents project needs, is the first step using requirements engineering approach ------------------------------ Juan Sotelo Morales Supervisor De Seguridad ------------------------------

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    If you want to learn, I recommend the Holiday Hack Challenges .  They're from Ed Skoudis (and team).  Ed is the author of SANS SEC504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling . The challenges are free, fun, and educational.  They're archived, ...

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    Here in Scotland, we have a brilliant team who do events to reach kids aged 9-12 to show them role models in STEM, have a look at their website; www.smartstems.org There is also the STEM ambassador program that anyone can get involved in to get more ...

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    Hello, not a definition answer but something to consider.  One of the big takeaways for me in reading the updated NIST SP 800-37 (Risk Management Framework...) is the changing of "Information Security" to just "Security" or "Security and Privacy." ------------------------------ ...

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