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  • Hi Bader, To start with, let me start by saying the scenario you just described is weird. Not wit-standing, anything is possible when it comes to hacking. I like to ask a few questions before I give you clues on what might have happened. 1. Can you ...

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    Regulatory requirements are statutory requirements and needs to be fulfilled. Accepting a regulatory risk is asking for exposure and can lead fines and even reputation damage which are irrecoverable.  From the risk perspective if we can showcase the ...

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    An advantage of using bottom up vs. a top-down approach to software testing that 1) Interface error are detected early 2) Confidence in system achieved early 3) errors in critical modules detected early 4) Major functions and processing are tested early ...

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    ISACA has its real exams' videos on youtube channel. Will it be enough to study them to pass the exam or reading books is a must? ------------------------------ Arpine Avedyan ------------------------------

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