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    SAP is a big learning curve.   You need a training.  You can access SAP security documentation as well. ------------------------------ Sal Rodriguez Director of Internal Audit CISA, CIA, CRMA, CCSA, CGAP, CICA, MBA, MS ----------------------------- ...

  • Hello Turhan, as it stands, the plan is to include in the focus areas first of all an introduction to the area itself, and then the set of 40 governance and management objectives (as defined in the COBIT 2019 core model) with only that contents that ...

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    Hi Jason - I'm not sure if I understand what you're asking exactly, and if you are looking for Risk Management guidance or more specifically Cybersecurity guidance. Can I confirm if you're asking about cyber security frameworks or laws or something entirely ...

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    A risk assessment can truly assess the effectiveness of controls in relation to the risks associated with business processes. As this is done by an independent assessor, this is more reliable and unambiguous. KRI and KPI can only indicate risks and performance ...

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