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Local Outreach, Global Impact

ISACA CommunITy Day offers an opportunity to celebrate our purpose as digital trust professionals by enabling the positive potential of people. When ISACA Members, staff, families and friends spend a few hours one day a year giving back to their local communities, we can truly change the world!

Join us the first Saturday in October annually!

Save the Date: 7 October 2023!

How do I participate?

ISACA chapters will be organizing local activities on 7 October for which you can sign up. Or, you can choose one of our "global" opportunities to participate independently (or with your family.) Some opportunities may be directly applicable to advancing digital trust, while others may be simply making the world a better place.

To help manage the process ISACA is using a volunteer sign-up tool called Helper Helper. You can create your free account by going here or by using the tool to the right. Select your country/chapter in the "Team" menu to find ways your chapter is participating and select the time and opportunity that interests you. When you are done volunteering on 7 October, come back to Helper Helper to validate your time and be counted in our global impact.

Download the participant instructions from the Toolkit to walk you through setting up  your Helper Helper account and tracking your participation.

How can I recommend an organization or opportunity to my chapter?

Contact the leaders of your local chapter. Find your chapter website and contact info here. Consider offering to be your chapter's Team Lead and organize one of the events. 

How do I help build excitement?

Use #ISACACommunITyDay on social media to be included in the live feed the day of the event. Invite friends and family (as appropriate for the activity) to participate with you!

Follow the hashtag to discover activities taking place around the world!

I'm a CommunITy Day Team Lead for my chapter. How do I get started?

Check out the CommunITy Day Admin Toolkit which includes a Resource Library containing instructions and resources to help you promote ISACA CommunITy Day.   

Questions? Email

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Be sure to select your chapter from the "team" drop down menu to see available opportunities! Or open the app in a new browser window.

Already have a ISACA CommunITy Day account? Bookmark Helper Helper to manage your opportunities via the web...  

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“CommunITy Day - a worthwhile endeavor to honor ISACA's past 50 years and make a difference locally and globally for the next 50!” - Karey Barker, St. Louis Chapter

"ISACA CommunITy Day is an opportunity for our member base to come together with a defined purpose and objective to have positive impact on the broader community.” - Melbourne Chapter Leaders