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This is a forum to collaborate on all topics related to IT audit and assurance.  Examples includes discussions on audit programs, sources of assurance, audit best practice, audit methodologies, audit charters, audit standards, the IT Assurance Framework (ITAF), audit news etc.

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  • If you are looking for an audit program, please try the following: Look in the "usual" places – see "Audit Programs" Search in the library attached to this forum. ...

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  • Yesterday (attending an ISACA event) someone pointed out this discussion forum and I just joined now. So please excuse me replying to a discussion that is not very recent anymore. My background is rather technical and I am always interested in trying ...

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  • Are there any  guidelines and/or audit standards that state  Policies and procedures documents including workflows should show the current and accurate flow of data.   ------------------------------ Bancroft Hunter Senior Auditor ----------------- ...

  • Good morning Tanveer, you could use as a reference the COBIT 2019 process "BAI10 - Managed configuration". More information are available here: ...

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  • Business Review Study: Internal audits become decisive in the "Era of Continuous ...

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  • Dear all, Share with me a template for Data management Audit / Information sharing audit Thanks in advance ------------------------------ Information Systems /Internal Auditor ------------------------------

  • Search information in the OWASP website you have a list of Vulnerability Scanning Tools here ------------------------------ Juan Pablo Barriga Sapiencia ---- ...