Academic Relations

Committee Members:
  • Sajay Rai
  • Bhaskar Kakulavarapu


The goal of the Academic Relations Committee is to promote the benefits of ISACA professional association to the university and college students by working with the academic advisors.  By introducing the ISACA organization to the students early during their academic years, and sharing the expertise and experiences of ISACA members, the students can benefit by the wealth of knowledge they can gain through this additional network.

The students can primarily engage through the participation in the annual scholarship contest, which is held every year during March or April time frame.  In addition, ISACA Detroit Chapter is assisting universities create cyber clubs to encourage knowledge and experience sharing between students and subject matter experts in cyber field.


Call to action:

  1. Assist the committee develop challenging and exciting contest material for the annual scholarship contest.
  2. Assist in rollout of cyber clubs across the Metro Detroit area universities and colleges.