Seminar and Spring Training Committee

Committee Members


  • Manish Zaveri
  • Carrie Schrader
  • Doug Wahr
  • Aaron Pettway (Volunteer)

Spring Training:

  • Juman Doleh-Alomary
  • Manish Zaveri
  • Maureen Niemiec
  • CJ Brocker
  • Jenina Brown
  • Ana Antoski
  • Shannon Desjardins 


The Education Committee consists of two committees: Seminar and Spring Training Committee.

The Education Committee is dedicated to further the education landscape of community. Our goal is to plan, schedule and deliver the latest information technology, security, audit, governance, risk and audit educational training programs through seminars and spring training to our members.

Call to Action:

1. Suggest topics of interest to the committee members.
2. Volunteer to participate in Seminar and Spring Training activities.
3. Identify sponsors for Spring Training.